Panther – Automated Testing of BI Reports

Panther – Automated Testing of BI Reports

We all are aware of the slew of benefits that automation brings to the table. With automation seeping into most industries and in multiple scenarios, why can’t automation be a norm when it comes to testing BI reports. Repeated functional test cases and regression testing can consume days of precious production time! Get ready to redefine the way BI reports are tested in your organization with PANTHERAmtex BI’s newest offering!

Why Automate?

With an ever-evolving consumer landscape comes an exponentially increasing and dynamically changing need for analytics. Your business questions evolve rapidly, demanding BI reports that are capable of supporting game-changing business decisions.

This calls for modification and improvements on your existing reports/dimensions/measures etc. Often these “quick” modifications tend to break the existing code in unexpected ways.

3 common code-breaks to watch out for

  1. Unexpected joins and deadlock: In a (fairly) legacy report, if your dev isn’t careful enough, newly added dimensions/measures can cause unwanted joins and loops. This could result in drastic fall outs –your report could get into a deadlock or display a Cartesian result.
  2. Impact on existing charts & visualizations: A seemingly simple business request could sometimes mean altering the formulae of about 30 variables and 90 expressions (yes this has happened to me!). And while making that change isn’t a sea of effort, testing the impacts of these changes hold paramount importance and consume a considerable amount of time!
  3. Unsightly break in UI: Addition of KPIs or visualizations always come with a challenge of testing the UI thoroughly. Especially if your setup is BYOD, you have the added responsibility of testing out the responsiveness.

5 cons of Automation testing

We know automated application testing can improve quality and greatly reduce testing time spent in repetitive mundane test cases. Automation in testing of BI reports is like automation in any arena – it takes time, accuracy and foresight. You need to ensure that the test cases are prepared simultaneously and are read off directly from the BRD.

  1. The foremost predominant con in case of automation, would be the initial setup.
  2. The next challenge is finding pre-made solutions that have consistent developer support and an active community backing it.
  3. Finding the right talent/experience to create a tailored solution for your automation initiative.
  4. Maintaining the automation setup and updating it regularly.
  5. Thorough understanding of your domain or industry or vertical among the users of your automated testing solution.

The only way to steer clear of the above, would be to approach a seasoned solutions provider such as Amtex BI. With years of expertise and a product such a Panther, we aim to simplify BI and induce innovation in the way it works.

Panther by Amtex BI

Amtex BI brings to you Panther – an Automated Application Testing Platform which can be used for testing your BI reports (BI application) as well as any browser-based application that you may be using. Panther can help overcome all the cons listed above. Panther is designed to address the common pitfalls of automation testing and save you time where it matters most. Go-live faster with those quick modifications and ensure they stay “QUICK”.

Try Panther today and experience the ease of automated testing. Deploy Panther for testing your BI portal or any browser-based application with the help of Amtex BI.For larger enterprises and complicated setup that is beyond the plug-n-play capabilities of Panther, Amtex BI offers bespoke automation solutions.

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