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By Initiative


AI/ML & Advanced Analytics

Amtex BI’s AI/ML & Analytics Services enable data, people, and technology to together deliver insights, automation, and business optimization. With rich expertise in data science and business analytics consulting services, our team of experts’ will pave the way to operationalizing the application of Artificial Intelligence using your suite of analytical applications (WebFOCUS, TIBCO, Qlik etc.)

With our customized analytics and advanced BI tools strategies, you can visualize real-time results, spot opportunities for perennial growth and make informed decisions. Our Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Services can help you unlock the hidden or dark content in the silo of enterprise data to enable cost reduction, risk mitigation, and deliver immediate business value.

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Data Management

At Amtex BI we comprehend our customer’s enterprise needs of data management to deliver the development and execution of architectures, practices, and procedures to properly manage the full data lifecycle needs. With our broad experience in data management design, architecture, and implementation our experts are proficient in data quality, master data management, and data governance.

Our data management services empower our clients to implement a single platform approach to accessing, altering and delivering data at any latency. Amtex BI data management experts provide thought leadership and knowledge transfer through industry whitepapers, conference panels, webinars, and technical workshops to provide robust data analytics, visualization, and dashboards with best-of-breed BI tools.

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Productizing Analytics enables your organizations to perform a business transformation from customized solutions to standardized products based on the market needs. At Amtex BI, productizing analytics goes handy as it takes a hands-on approach and is delivered by experts who ensure that the results live up to the promise. We leverage new-age BI tools enabled with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Process Automation to significantly enhance the speed of data insight.

Our industry experts are focused on extracting transformational insights from real-world and digital data to avert revenue loss, enhance internal productivity and improve the end-user experience for global organizations. With us, elevate your market access intelligence and develop robust data strategies that enable your triumph throughout the product life cycle.

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Digital Transformation

Amtex BI digital transformation services span the spectrum of strategy to design, develop, and deploy analytics using AI/ML capabilities. We help organizations to lay the foundation for a realistic, AI-powered future. For more than 20 years, our experts encouraged our clients to develop analytics & AI vision to support their digital transformation journey and a roadmap designed to drive strategic results.

We believe that every enterprise has sole DNA. And to support companies’ transformation journey at any stage, Amtex BI encourages you to shift from traditional BI to more advanced analytics and AI. Unlock the full potential of analytics, AI/ML, and BI tools to help revolutionize your digital transformation.

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Big Data

At Amtex BI, we leverage advanced big data analytics and business intelligence tools to help clients extract actionable insights from diverse data sets generated in real-time and at a large scale. We assist organizations in coupling massive volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from different sources into a holistic environment.

Our data expert’s experience helps us boost consulting and strategy analysis, enabling clients to get vital insights from untapped data assets. For modeling and predicting new market prospects, we apply a proprietary Big Data framework clubbed with ML and Deep Learning algorithms for storing, processing, and analyzing large quantities of data.

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You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Amtex BI IoT analytics integration services and IoT consulting Services enable your organization to unearth patterns and gain actionable insights smartly. Utilize active insights, powerful analytics framework, and libraries boosting efficiency, reducing costs, and stimulating innovation. With our proven expertise in IoT and specialized BI platforms, we enable our customers to manage their data & objects easily with integrated business applications.

At AmtexBI, we help you relate the dots between internal processes and customer experience for a real impact on your bottom line. We employ our experts and guide you through every step of IoT implementation, developing your project from design to success.

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