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We help you make critical business decisions with confidence through our technologically advanced BI applications and solutions. With processes that are tool and architecture agnostic, we give you solutions that are customized for your needs. A key reason for our success is that we don’t just offer quick-fixes. We stand with you to sustainably maximize your longevity and scalability.
BI Consulting

Our strategic BI consulting solutions are designed to give you the much-needed boost when it comes to decision making. For expert consulting right from cloud to big data, we’ve got you covered.


Systematically re-think and re-architect your business model for cloud enablement, performance and cost optimization with the transformation roadmap provided by Amtex BI.


Let Amtex BI hold the fort and steer you clear of any hiccups in your organization’s IT environment. Stay focused on your business and let us manage your BI infrastructure end-to-end!

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BI Solutions for every need
Agile BI

Our diverse BI solutions are designed to fit all your business needs. Simple, agile and innovation.

your game

Wave of transformation is traversing through the BI industry. Be ready for upscale.

Partner in

We let you focus on your business by taking care of the peripheral issues. Keep innovating.

Voice Driven

The world is moving, let the BI move with you. Talk to your BI, anytime, anywhere.


At Amtex BI, we offer cloud migration services to our clients and in a tryst with Redshift, we’ve seen some features and standards that have our interests piqued! With blazing fast speeds and petabyte-scale data warehousing, Redshift seems like the ideal candidate when shifting BI Application and Data, from on-premise to Cloud.

Are you looking for a fast, scalable, easy to use, and cost effective data warehouse that swiftly provides you with reliable insights for decision making? Amazon Redshift is the answer.

Scale the business up or down
10x faster
High standards of data security
No Upfront

How wonderful would it be, if migrating to Redshift was as easy as seating your data in the Ferrari of data warehousing? Well we’re holding the door open for you. We ditch the traditional ETL paradigm when it comes to loading up data into Redshift – ELT helps us monetize on the MPP architecture of Redshift.

We pitted SQL Server against a giant contender, the AWS Redshift, in a typical BI Setup. You must be living under a rock if you haven’t already foreseen that Redshift won this battle. What amazes us is the measure by which Redshift won.

Stats – Redshift won by a good 10 laps!
Amtex BI’s ELT (Extract, Transform, and Load) Approach
Redshift’s compression saves 60% of disk space
Our Products


Do you have to open your BI portals or reports to access business insights? With Malia, all you have to do is just ‘ask’! No reports, no portals. Get insights on-the-go!


How much time would it take, for you to test your reports based on let’s say 52+ test cases? Weeks? A day? 5 hours? With PANTHER this can be done in Seconds, not days, not hours!

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