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Amtex BI brings to you experienced niche resources from the world of Data and Analytics. With increased workloads impacting business growth, having an extended team of BI experts can positively propel your internal and client projects. Flexible (onsite/hybrid) and scalable on-demand, our engagement models maximize your ROI and improve business productivity.
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Cloud solutions & services that help you stay competitive in today’s modern consumer landscape. Analytics is the perfect workload for Cloud, providing massive compute power with instant ramp-up or down of resources. Amtex BI approaches digital transformation in a 4-step Assess, Strategize, Optimize & Migrate workshop. Connect with us for a free 2-week workshop and gain faster time-to-value in your cloud journey.
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IB Product

Amtex BI provides robust services across the Information Builders product suite: WebFOCUS, Data Integration, Data Quality & MDM (Omni-Gen) projects. We strategically help you maximize product adoption and drive your business journey with informed decision making. Amtex BI ensures that our clients achieve measurable outcomes with better data preparation and a flattened learning curve.
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Business Outcomes

Amtex BI believes in pushing the boundaries of possibilities when it comes to data monetization. We aid modern businesses in leveraging data more strategically to generate additional revenue.

  • Data-driven services for better cost saving.
  • Optimizing data for real business insights.
  • Generate higher ROI using the information system.
  • Uncovering actionable insights that give you competitive edge.
Operational Excellence

Amtex BI acts as an enabler to understand actionable data for better productivity and effectiveness. We are here to help your organization function effectively.

  • Actively provide better insight-driven operations
  • Drive analytics to scale process improvements at operational levels
  • Deliver better information to the mobile workforce
  • Enabling analytics for all with improved product adoption

Amtex BI provides services and solutions that propel an enterprise. We understand enterprise analytics and work towards delivering a center of excellence (single-version-of-truth) which can drive real business goals.

  • Effectively using data for better employee performance
  • Streamlining your alliance with business partners
  • Deploy real-time data for better finance projections
  • Apply Predictive/Prescriptive analytics for better outcomes

We bridge the gap between adoption and utilization of data, evading time-consuming strategies for your organization. As a service provider, we embark strongly with technical capabilities to accelerate time-to-value.

  • Strong data analytics that aim to deliver measurable outcomes
  • Highly customized and tailored services to achieve projected ROI
  • Enhanced utilization of product features
  • Flattening the learning curve using design thinking
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The VIEW is a unique 4-week power-packed workshop by Amtex BI which enables your analysts to exploit the business Intelligence setup to the maximum extent. The workshop aims to dynamically equip organizations to achieve their business goals.

  • Offer the ability to identify the true goal of BI investment and effectively chart a strategic roadmap to achieve them.
  • Help organization achieves a bird’s eye perspective of their usage percentile and ROI of analytical apps.
  • Support companies reassess and realign their business objectives while moving forward on a war footing.

Love the cool new features of WebFOCUS? Looking to leverage new upgrades asap? With a reporting foundation based on clean metadata, you can!

In the age of AI, automation and people analytics, metadata sits at the root of your data value chain. WebFOCUS is a large locomotive that can travel long distances carrying heavy loads – for it to do that efficiently, we need tracks laid out; think of Metadata as these tracks. Sprucing up your metadata is a core movement towards improved performance, slice and dice analytics, standardization, transparency, and time-to-market, while effectively reducing costs.

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Do you have to open your BI portals or reports to access business insights? With Malia, all you have to do is just ‘ask’! No reports, no portals. Get insights on-the-go!


How much time would it take, for you to test your reports based on let’s say 52+ test cases? Weeks? A day? 5 hours? With PANTHER this can be done in Seconds, not days, not hours!

testimonial-team (Demo)
Joseph Ciaccio
TTX Company
Sr. Business Data Analyst – Data Analytics

Amtex Systems has been TTX’s WebFOCUS development and support partner since February of 2018. All this time the team has been supportive and demonstrated timeliness for maintenance of existing reports and server infrastructure, new development, report monitoring, business continuity exercises, and version upgrades. Moreover, they have continually provided support daily, on the weekends, as well as in emergencies to keep our WebFOCUS environments working effectively.
TTX is grateful and appreciates the team for adapting to constantly changing situations resourcefully. We look forward to our continued partnership with Amtex Systems in the future and highly recommend them.

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I want to express my sincere gratitude to the entire Amtex BI team and the Data Management Program!! Thanks so much for all you have done and all you have taught us here at ESL. You were all so important, as we kicked off our Data Management journey with the Enterprise Data Warehouse. We would not have gotten as far as we did or learned as much as we did about the IBI software without you. You will truly be missed as co-workers and friends.

I have learned an enormous amount from each of you. It sounds cliché but, we really could not have done it without all of you.

Thank you again and all the best.

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Eric Hughs
CFS Project Manager | PMP | IT Project Manager

I want to express my thanks to the entire Amtex BI team. You all did a fantastic job on this project! Well done! Not only did you meet our target goal before the deadline, you also did it in a very professional manner with adherence to quality and process. I want to also extend a special thanks to the proactive leadership and technical expertise throughout the project.

Amtex BI has been very accommodating with our special requests to track and report progress. Thank you all for your hard work and patience to keep the project moving forward despite challenges and obstacles. You all did a fantastic job. My only regret is not having the opportunity to meet you and work with you!!

Thank you again and all the best.

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