Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation


Enterprise Resource Planning

Meet your business objectives through ERP! Imagine what more you could do with time? ERP can help you treasure business values by driving efficiencies through automation. Implementing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in your business delivers you and your team with an opportunity to transform. Amtex BI helps you with powerful data and analytics to get under the hood of your business and make smart decisions in real-time, with full visibility over your whole business. Our experts help you in building capabilities with ERP proven change-management program to help you realize the full benefits of such a large-scale IT program over time.





Our enabling technologies are the backbone of our core capabilities! Working together with our data specialists, we take a user-centric approach to enterprise your IT infrastructure and digital modernization while not losing sight of the IT backend. After gaining a deeper understanding of your current setup, we develop the scope around core business requirements behind the modernization. Our expertise has hands-on experience in cloud, collaboration, data centers, mobility, network modernization, and DevOps. Improve performance agility and increase sustainability with our advisory approach to help transform technology infrastructure processes to lay digital foundations.



With Amtex BI intelligent automation, established business process automation capabilities can be functional for high-value decision-making tasks. Our automation capabilities range from assessment and support to testing, deployment, and training. Our team of experts works unitedly with your teams classify business workflows to automate in your business environment to maximize operational efficiency. We know business process automation can be complex depending on the state of your organization’s data. Amtex BI intelligent automation can help you simplify and speed project value by leveraging a centralized pool of skilled specialists along with automation tools.



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