02 Jan: What to expect in 2019?

A comprehensive list of all the latest BI trends 2019 to stay ahead in your game.

31 Dec: BI Resolutions 2019

BI business is growing, read on to know how to stay ahead in the game in 2019 and be a part of BI global revenue.

21 Dec: Christmas Infographic

We’re helping Santa distribute presents this Christmas! Santa is on the lookout for BI tools that have been nice his year. So how did we classify various BI tools as naughty or nice? We drew out the “most wanted” features that businesses want from their BI Analytics tools and the ones that had the feature…

20 Dec: Top 3 Incorrect BI Practices – Alarmingly common!

BI tools help organizations convert data into business insights in the form of improved customer relationships, accelerated performance, and smarter decision making.In order to make the most of a BI tool, it is essential to avoid mistakes which users tend to make while using it.

17 Dec: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid When Migrating to the Cloud

Cloud facilitates businesses to achieve their goals effectively. Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud because of its numerous benefits. As per a recent report by Forrester, the global public cloud market has increased from $146B in 2017 to $178B in 2018 and will continue..

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