07 Mar: Women in data & analytics

Women is treading the path to success in every field. Check out how women are performing in data & analytics industry & why they qualify to be at the top positions in this industry.

05 Mar: Open AI pulled the pin from the grenade – ready for the blast?

Open AI – An AI research group by Elon Musk has demonstrated a program that generates fake news after being given few lines of information. What cost will humanity pay for this? Can it change the history? Will the credibility of the news channels be lost?

15 Jan: Panther – Automated Testing of BI Reports

We all are aware of the slew of benefits that automation brings to the table. With automation seeping into most industries and in multiple scenarios, why can’t automation be a norm when it comes to testing BI reports.

08 Jan: BI #10yearChallenge

Did you notice the recent #10YearChallenge by Facebook doing the rounds? Similarly, we bring you the business intelligence trends have changed over the past 10 years.



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