12 Nov: AWS Redshift – Amtex BI Helps You Migrate in Minutes!

Are you looking for a fast, scalable, easy to use, and cost effective data warehouse that swiftly provides you with reliable insights for decision making? Amazon Redshift is the answer.

09 Nov: AWS RedShift Vs SQL Server – War Verdict

Are you considering moving your data to Redshift? We pitted SQL Server on-premise against AWS Redshift and here are the results! Check out the query speeds when we load up 10 million records. Actual statistics inside!

31 Oct: AWS Redshift – 5 reasons to make the shift!

Over the past couple of months, BI nerds at Amtex have been working with Amazon’s range of cloud offerings including Redshift. At Amtex BI, we offer cloud migration services to our clients and in a tryst with Redshift, we’ve seen some features and standards that have our interests piqued!

26 Oct: Is your business intelligence solution still on-premises?

Evaluating whether to move your BI setup to the cloud is a tough call for most businesses. While some applications and low data volumes prove to be efficient on-premise, BI and especially Big Data initiatives are best entrusted to the cloud for the sheer advantage of agility and scalability.

23 Oct: 4th Annual IBI UserMeet

October 2018 is close to wraps but the excitement of #IBIusermeet is still fresh in our minds! The event was a success with overwhelming responses from the participants who had travelled almost from all over India.

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