16 Jun: Come discover the Yana Phuyu of Analytics

Discover Insights beyond the obvious. Find the dark spaces of your analytics universe and derive actionable intelligence!

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08 Jun: Is BI your steering wheel or spare wheel?

Have you ever measured whether your BI tool has been well worth your time and investment? Are you wondering how you can possibly measure the value that BI adds to your decision-making process? Let’s begin by asking these 5 questions.

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20 May: 5 Quotes and Musings: Mothers Vs Data & Analytics

Can your organization learns Data and Analytics lessons from your Mother? We think yes!

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27 Nov: How to share business insights effectively

Welcome to Data Storytelling 101. Does your job involve looking at “what’s” presented in reports and exploring the “why” and “how” of it? What good are insights unless shared, explored, pondered upon and invariably lead to positive action?

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07 Aug: Metadata Analytics

Metadata is data about data – in the age of AI, automation and people analytics, metadata sits at the root of your data value chain. However, for it to function effectively a company must first have clean and accurate metadata enterprise-wide to get the maximum from its metadata environment.

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