07 Aug: Metadata Analytics

Metadata is data about data – in the age of AI, automation and people analytics, metadata sits at the root of your data value chain. However, for it to function effectively a company must first have clean and accurate metadata enterprise-wide to get the maximum from its metadata environment.

26 Jun: Accelerate your analytics – Metadata spruce up

Your data can live on forever; do you plan to reuse it? A managed metadata environment allows companies to forego unused storage, reducing costs, and reducing time spent in identifying correct variations of an attribute. Reimagine your Enterprise powered by Intelligence with Amtex BI.

31 May: Top 5 Reasons on why partner with Amtex

Choosing the right implementation partner is like choosing the right BI platform; you want to see quick wins, show ROI to the stakeholders and provide a great “experience” for your users.

28 May: Executive Dashboard Features

The right BI tool’s dashboard will present the summary of complex data points condensed into easily digestible snippets yet relevant enough to translate into actionable insights.

21 May: Strategic BI Consulting – Explore Beyond the Obvious

Your holistic BI solution is like an iceberg – you’re used to seeing the tip, which is necessary to know the state of business. But it’s also important to drill down and determine the distance downward, which is why, we offer capabilities like real time analytics and an easily digestible in-depth analysis of your business.



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