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By Industry


Financial Services

At Amtex BI, we deploy and collaborate the transformative capabilities of data and analytics across banking, capital markets, wealth management, and insurance industries. From strategy and design to execution and technology enablement, we help our clients positively accelerate and focus on the future smartly. Our team of experts offers a full range of advisory solutions to support financial bodies with data and analytics capabilities.

We guided more than 200 clients to take their customer services to next level with deployment and maintenance of models used for risk management to financial and regulatory reporting purposes. Our advanced analytics offerings are based on cutting-edge methods, such as natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

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Amtex BI’s expertise in data and analytics endures transforming healthcare technologies by turning distinct data into meaningful and actionable data. Our team of experts with collaborative advanced analytics & data strategies delivers actionable information that identifies health threats and aids decision-making to optimize care.

Our intelligent healthcare solutions in predictive analytics help progress performance and expand capabilities, thus maximizing value for the users. To help you treat your patients efficiently we process the treasure trove of digitized health information into relevant and actionable knowledge. Our experts with stakeholders in healthcare, public health, medical research, and health policy combine extensive health care experience to take action while saving time and resources.

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For the manufacturing industry keeping up with the shifting competitor landscape and the emergence of new technologies is challenging. Amtex BI advanced manufacturing analytics solutions help to improve productivity by embedding analytics into the decision-making and operational processes. Our intense experience helps our clients to overcome challenges and improve collaboration between supply chain, manufacturing, and sales operations.

To improve quality and increase profitability it’s decisive to rethink the production processes and bring more automation to manufacturing works. By applying analytic methods, we help clients prevent defects from reaching the field, avoid recall costs, increase customer satisfaction and prevent fraudulent claim payments. Our experts help you adapt analytic methods to get ahead of the competition in the field of reliability, safety, and risk management.

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Has your organization got the necessary information regarding operations, inventory flow of your customers, suppliers, and employees with your business? The need for swift access to enterprise data sets combined with insights is more critical than ever. At Amtex BI, we help our clients implement advanced analytics to turn customer insights into retail fineness.

Our analytical experts have practical experience related to derive a rich fact base for retail business processes. We understand direct customer relationships in the manufacturing sector are a privilege as they generate massive amounts of data. Retailers with our BI tools and strategic approaches can make the most of this unique asset to drive real forefront differentiation.

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Better analysis of government data can improve operations and outcomes. Amtex BI, as a leading data analytics services provider, offers government agencies advanced data and predictive analytics to help them make better decisions and address the challenges. Our data analytics platform provides efficient data collection, drag and drops analysis, powerful data visualization, and self-service reporting abilities.

Amtex BI experts support you to customize the user interface of the dashboard for your staff to run a flexible search function for what-if scenarios and simulations. With the accuracy, relevancy, and reliability of the data, the government agency can fully understand and effectively interact with individuals and businesses in decision-making processes.

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Automotive industry players must invest in data analytics to protect and grow their relationships with customers. Amtex BI provides an accelerated platform for data analytics to execute enables rendering and visualization of data for interactive, zero-latency exploration and insights. To harmonize our partner and customer ecosystems, we help them adapt quickly to the dynamic landscape and opportunities by harnessing the power of data analytics.

Armed with meaningful insights, your auto company can provide better sales support through targeted marketing campaigns, and increase service revenue and conduct better targeting across channels. Representing the evolution of advanced analytics, our experts help you create a single view of business prospects with easily accessible data to gain a competitive advantage.

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To stay ahead in the market, insurers must become data analytics-driven organizations. With a strong presence in the insurance industry, Amtex BI experts supported insurers in using advanced analytics and cloud-native analytics clubbed with digital innovation. Our intelligent BI tools provide personalized, trusted customer experiences and innovative risk solutions while managing costs and meeting compliance requirements.

As the insurance sector is undergoing radical change, we help you achieve your digital transformation vision while managing risk and ensuring business continuity. Our experts support you in customer marketing, servicing, pricing, claims, and fraud management with our open and intelligent BI solutions to deliver quick wins and rapid returns on investment.

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