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In the ever-evolving landscape of BI, Amtex BI and its partners continually modernize the way organizations experience analytics and insights. Our deep knowledge of the BI lexicon is testimony to the vast experience we carry. We, act as a BI cognoscenti supporting our partners and their valued clients, in extracting visually appealing reliable intelligence from raw data in all its forms to achieve their truly measurable results.

Through the Amtex BI Partners Program, we bring to you the most trusted and most robust expertise who operate with a distinctly modern flavor of data and analytics, that will forever change the way your clients look at data. Amtex BI unravels the pathway to success with data and analytics – we leave no stone unturned in helping your realize the power of your analytical offerings.

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Pyramid is a game-changer when partnered with Amtex; it’s more than just another data tool. We effortlessly integrate data science, business analytics, and data preparation into one potent platform. Envision possesses automated insights enhanced by AI that streamline and improve decision-making processes.

Together, we futureproof the analytics, rather than merely offering them. With a virtual semantic layer and smooth interaction, your analytical assets are always prepared for whatever happens next. Anyone may easily obtain the insights they require at any time through our cooperation with Amtex, which powers AI-driven self-service experiences. However, our collaboration doesn’t end there. Thus, with Amtex’s support and knowledge at your side, it’s time to enter the Pyramid and transform the way your company makes decisions.


ibi and Amtex work together to unleash the potential of data and analytics to elevate the commonplace to the extraordinary. By working together, we can ensure flawless client experiences, blazingly quick time-to-market, and optimal operational efficiency by bringing intelligence to every encounter. With the help of Amtex’s experience. Our alliance offers infinite options with ibi’s industry-specific building blocks and open platform, which go beyond simple solutions. Ibis and Amtex are kings in a world where data is king.

It’s about changing the business performance, not simply about changing organizations. Creativity has no boundaries at ibi. With Amtex, we assist you in tackling the most difficult data and analytics issues, whether you choose to use pre-built apps or forge your own path. Come along with us as we transform into information creators and shape the future, one wise choice at a time.

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Salesforce® is a cloud-based enterprise platform by, Inc. It is a global cloud computing company that provides easy-to-use Salesforce business applications to create relevant customer experiences helping to stay connected with customers, prospects, partners, sales, and market services globally.

As Salesforce’s partner, Amtex BI supports business leaders in designing, executing, and accelerating transformational experiences using Salesforce solutions. Powered by our world-class global partner services, we utilize Salesforce’s strength for data-driven results, solving their clients’ most complex business problems.




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Our partners trust us to solve their clients’ most complex challenges, shaping the future of the enterprise. With Amtex BI, global leaders positively realize their unmatched digital journey and unlock the potential of their data in amazing ways.

Amtex BI has a client-centric culture with more than two decades of experience that helps to reignite growth, substantially propel analytics ROI, and expedite business value.

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