Data Management

Amtex BI has helped multiple clients with Data Integration, Data Quality & MDM (Information Builders Omni-Gen) services to positively propel their business goals. As it is observed 67%of the barriers to using data effectively are attributed to Data Quality issues. Does the unavailability of quality data hamper your growth and make initiatives like Big Data or Data Monetization look daunting?

We are here to provide you with the capabilities to access and manage your data in a secure and scalable environment. Partnering with us will make sure that your data and analytics journey will directly impact the business success followed by:

  • Enabling informed decision making
  • Improved searchability
  • Improve utilization of IB products
  • Increase cost savings and efficiency

In addition, we can support you strategically as well tactically in your optimizing your data quality for better business outcomes.

Omni-Gen & iWay

Omni-gen & iWay tools of Information Builders provides solutions for business-driven integration, API management, B2B integration, and many other capabilities. Amtex BI facilitates efficient integration of data by helping MDM implementers to collaborate with business requirement without compromising quality. Our team have hand on experience to join, merge, aggregate, and apply selection standards to data from any combination of systems to a data warehouse.

Data Integration

AmtexBI offer comprehensive Data Integration services including API Management and Application Integration, Big Data Integration and Contextualization, B2B Integration and lot more. Our API management technology capabilities support you to reuse your current application and infrastructure investments for best results. This enables you to manage and communicate more effectively with your business partners using a variety of protocols, message formats, and data types.

Data Quality

It is essential to for any business to track data quality trends over time for the discovery and cleansing of invalid or incomplete data. AmtexBI is dedicated to maintain the Data Quality using a business user-oriented, browser-based data cleansing tool for better data insights and easy remediation. Our focus is to drive potential ROI for your data quality initiatives following best practices that continually improves data quality.


AmtexBI helps business users and IT staffs to improve data from any source by having unified and validated master data instantly. To support a wide range of enterprise applications our team follow simplify deployment, integrated design environment, seamless integration, data governance and remediation. Our services add values to reduce project timelines by managing attributes, values of source data, and rules for data quality.

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