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From data to insights, this transition is facilitated by our BI consulting services. Customized and cost effective BI solutions that fits your business model

Never judge the data by its appearance, there is more to that!

Amtex BI has built the expertise in the ability to see data and transform it into actionable and insightful intelligence. Companies have huge amount of data, but what they lack is the relevant insights at the right time. In order to support decision making and to drive performance, right insight is vital. Based on your business model, our team will analyze your data status and define the right and cost-effective BI solution for you.

Our end to end BI Solutions include analyzing the existing database and reports, preparing the datasets, data integration from different data sources and creating the data warehouse for reporting needs. They say that your decisions are as good as your data. Therefore, it is important to know that the decisions you make for your business are backed by trusted data. We bring you a step further from the data quality and data warehousing to introduce our gamut of BI offerings which includes:

  • Creating data visualization – graphs, charts, maps, portals etc
  • Applying custom security at user level, data level, portal level etc
  • Scheduling and sharing of reports to be send to different users
  • Embedding BI Analytics in client-side application
  • Testing, post implementation (bug fixing), support and maintenance.
  • Training and development

Still not sure? What if we tell you that we can help you do a quick POC to prove what you expect is possible with your BI tool. Drop us your contact details and our consulting team will get in touch with you.

  • Strategic assessments
  • End to end BI Solutions
  • AI and ML implementation
  • NLP Integration
  • Data Security
  • Data Governance
  • Collaboration Portals
  • Big Data solutions
  • Reach cloud with ease and accuracy.
  • One stop shop for all your cloud needs.
  • Make migration bubble as economical as possible
  • Solutions those are best for your business and cost effective
  • Maximize TCO and compute resources with our hybrid cloud strategy.
  • Periodic performance monitoring/reporting & alert generation
  • Optimization of server/client performance
  • Early Issue detection by monitoring resource usage
  • Establish escalation protocols to create paths for business continuity

Still having doubts? Reach out to us!


Adhoc Reporting
Have details, measures, filters and entire visualizations at your disposal as reusable components!
Without any tech knowledge create curated portals for different teams to view – just like intra-team sites!
Predictive Analytics
Apply predictive analytics without having to go through a crash-course in Data Science and Statistics
WebFOCUS integrates with templates and allows you to present your reports as modern infographics.
BI meets AI
Malia. An AI chatbot that can integrate with your desktop, smartphone or any other digital assistant you own.
Digital Assistance
Malia comprehends natural language and queries your WebFOCUS setup (or any BI tool) to respond in natural language.
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