BI #10yearChallenge

BI #10yearChallenge

Did you notice the recent #10YearChallenge by Facebook doing the rounds? (Or are you living under a rock?) Everyone’s got their own version of this interesting 10-year comparisons rolling out on various social media platforms! There have been extensive debates of how Facebook has cleverly introduced this challenge in order to improve its own facial recognition algorithm. But leaving that aside, many meme experts have given uncanny, funny,thoughtful, and interesting twists to this challenge!

And one such geeky twist is presented in this video about business intelligence.

Have you ever wondered how much BI has transformed in this 10-year span? Check out this video to know how business intelligence trends have changed over the past 10 years – much has been changed, starting with improving the user interface in order to increase user adoption in 2009 to embracing Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing in 2019. Also included is a glimpse of how BI tools were positioned in 2008 and who were the market leaders as of 2018 (Source: Gartner’s Magic Quadrants).

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