BI Trends – What to expect in 2019?

BI Trends – What to expect in 2019?

As we bid adieu to 2018 and welcome 2019,we can understand that the change is not just happening in the year, it’s happening in every field and BI space is not an exception. With the advent of Augmented Analytics, companies can clean, analyze and process their data automatically to generate actionable insights and all of this with no or little intervention from a technical person. BI is at our disposal and self service BI is no more a dream. The modernization and the new features in the BI tools have taken this simple world of reports and charts to a new level of advancement.

The latest BI tools are easy to use and deploy and most importantly, they are embedded. Due to these characteristics,the adoption rate of BI tools has gone up in last few years compared to the adoption rate of 2012, which was stuck around 25%. (Source: InformationWeek).The increasing adoption rate gave rise to competition, which made it mandatory for companies to introduce path breaking technologies to maintain their edge in the competitive market. We have unveiled the top 5 BI resolutions every company should make in 2019.

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