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Metadata Analytics

Metadata is data about data – in the age of AI, automation and people analytics, metadata sits at the root of your data value chain. However, for it to function effectively a company must first have clean and accurate metadata enterprise-wide to get the maximum from its metadata environment.

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How AI helps Oil and Gas Industry

Artificial Intelligence is the hulk of all technologies used across various industries; however,its role is slightly uncertain in the industries like Oil and Gas. There are facts that support digital technologies have always kept the costs in check and automating the business processes have long term benefits for the businesses.The latest technologies using sensors and […]

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Strategic BI Consulting – Explore Beyond the Obvious

While C-level executives are busy steering the organization towards success, such responsibility cannot be accomplished by a granular information. The right tool would be a summary of the complex data points condensed into easily digestible snippets yet relevant enough to translate into actionable insights. Your holistic BI solution is like an iceberg – you’re used […]

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Women in data & analytics

Being a company that nurtures data and analytics, we are committed to use data at every occasion and women’s day is not different. Women are a rare specimen in data and analytics and here are some facts that support this statement Around 50% of all the statisticians are women, and this has been true for […]

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BI #10yearChallenge

Did you notice the recent #10YearChallenge by Facebook doing the rounds? (Or are you living under a rock?) Everyone’s got their own version of this interesting 10-year comparisons rolling out on various social media platforms! There have been extensive debates of how Facebook has cleverly introduced this challenge in order to improve its own facial […]

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