Author: Benazir Khan

5 Quotes and Musings: Mothers Vs Data & Analytics

As god-fearing (scratch that… mom-fearing) data nerds, we’ve decided to pay a tribute to our mothers by pitting them against popular and trending data and analytics contenders! Moms will win – no doubt about that. But not because we’re biased – purely because when it comes to  raising their children, mothers have nailed embedded analytics, […]

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How to share business insights effectively

intro Welcome to Data Storytelling 101. Does your job involve looking at “what’s” presented in reports and exploring the “why” and “how” of it? What good are insights unless shared, explored, pondered upon and invariably lead to positive action? Data Storytelling is all about presenting your findings in a palatable way to your audience. If […]

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Panther – Automated Testing of BI Reports

We all are aware of the slew of benefits that automation brings to the table. With automation seeping into most industries and in multiple scenarios, why can’t automation be a norm when it comes to testing BI reports. Repeated functional test cases and regression testing can consume days of precious production time! Get ready to […]

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