Come discover the Yana Phuyu of Analytics

Come discover the Yana Phuyu of Analytics

What does Business Intelligence have in common with the Ancient Inca Culture?

Do you look for constellations on a starry night? Most of us connect the stars in front of us and start looking for the Ursa, Orion, Cassiopeia, Crux etc. Come to think of it, not most of us, but perhaps everyone is doing the same old same old. Different cultures connect different stars and have different names for these constellations but in essence, everyone connects the bright dots that shine so surely. Everyone… except the Incas. Let’s take a quick walk through early 13th century before we start off with the Data and Analytics side of this.

Who were the Incas?

Not trying to dole out a history lesson in an analytics forum but the Incas history is quite captivating. Despite being a considerably small percentage of population (15k to 20K), the Incas were the last chapter of the Andean civilization and ruled about 10 million people during 1438 to 1533 (Wiki: Inca Empire). How the Incas stargazed, is unique to their civilization. Their perspective was completely different from the entire world and all civilizations put together.

The Incas looked for the dark spaces between the stars. The constellations of the Incas were called Yana Phuyu or the “dark clouds” – spaces between the stars. It never occurs to one that we could in fact create constellations from the darkness. Come to think of it as an analogy drawn between analytics – are you stuck in a rut of connecting the data points right in front you? Look beyond the obvious – the seemingly invisible data.

Your Analytics is your Universe. Find your Yana Phuyu.

The Universe holds unexplored secrets and so does your data. We make shapes out of clouds and create constellations by connecting the stars – always connecting what’s right in front of us. Not once thinking that it is not just about where the light shines. Your analytics has spaces that are “dark” and unexplored. Game-changing decisions stem from these unexploited gaps in your analytics journey.

Nice thought? More like an epiphany.

On average, the storage environments of EMEA organizations consist of  54% dark data,  32% ROT (Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial) data, and 14% business-critical data

Leader or Laggard?

True insights-driven businesses in 2020 boast a USD 1.3 trillion revenue according to forrester. What slice of it do you have?

It’s time to find the gaps in your analytics and transform into a true insights-driven enterprise. What is the biggest hurdle faced by organizations when it comes to analytics adoption?

Too much data, too many tools, too little action.

If you thought data was key to becoming a data-driven business then you’ll be surprised that having your data in ready-for-reporting or creating a “single source of truth” so widely fantasized, is just the tip of the iceberg. It does not matter how great your data is unless it is converted into “Actionable Insights”. Unlock a broad array of capabilities to use data strategically.

  • Comprehensive BI
  • Insightful Analytics
  • Unmatched Interoperability
  • Efficient Data Management
  • Seamless Integration

We can help

Partner with Amtex BI for data strategies that are simple to deploy and cost-effective. In your quest to become an insights-driven enterprise, we not only help create your “single source of truth” but also help you realize actionable intelligence with:

  • RPA: Automated deployment of models and algorithms
  • Micro-infrastructure Components: Built for enterprise-wide reusability using APIs and Webservices
  • Deploy models to operationalize Artificial Intelligence using IB product stack
  • Increase IB product and application adoption by improving usability and utilization
  • Enabling a centralized and integrated data science platform
  • Equipping you with the right talent with analytics and data science skillsets
  • Spend less time on administration or infrastructure and focus your energy on business-critical activities

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Beyond the obvious, lie the unexploited gaps of your product adoption and analytics journey.

Are you ready to harvest the vast potential of your data?

Are you ready to discover, your Yana Phuyu?

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