IBI virtual summit 2020

IBI virtual summit 2020

This year many events got affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and with safety as the ultimate motive, the Information Builders Summit was held on 23-24 June. Virtual conferences on data, analytics, and tech and business trends have become quite popular and we expect to see the trend to only grow. We will see more of virtual meetups and exhibitions in the future.

Entrepreneurs, enterprise veterans, developers, and leading minds of multifarious industries came together from across the globe for the first-ever IBI Virtual Summit 2020. With an innovative and flexible set-up, the Virtual Summit was filled with highly charged sessions where the brightest experts shared their views on current data & analytics trends, IBI product stack, analytics adoption, and a lot more.

Mission: to collaborate and harvest insights from trusted data with the broader spectrum of innovations and developments in the pipeline for 2020. The summit opened the doors for the world to find out how the IBI product stack enables organizations to solve common and complex data and analytics challenges.

In the two-day Virtual Summit 2020, decision-makers from some of the biggest brands had virtual discussions and breakout sessions on transforming their IB product setup into a highly available, high-performance, secure, & cost-effective insights center. It was a privilege to be a part of the IBI virtual summit 2020. We enjoyed the summit thoroughly while connecting with our clients and the rest of the world virtually.

An array of new Opportunities

Our take on dark spaces of analytics and “Finding Yana Phuyu”, piqued the interest of many summit attendees. In these two days, we educated enterprises about transforming into a true insights-driven enterprise. It was a great experience interacting with versatile mindsets over conversations about game-changing decisions, BI and analytics, utilizing the IB product stack efficiently, and a lot more.

Understanding Data and Analytics Trends

Amtex BI – Dark Spaces Analytics Review created a mystic milieu for our booth visitors. Our experts got acknowledged for addressing questions relating to dark and unexplored data through BI and Analytics implementation. We got to hear the varied experiences from Information Builders customers, partners, industry analysts, and data experts through 70+ deep-dive breakouts and learning sessions. The pivotal announcements transformed the IBI virtual summit into a two-day rollercoaster ride for data enthusiasts.

Tim and Dinesh connected with multiple attendees about how to make data work by connecting the right data points strategically.  Their expertise in IBI product stack and their knack in identifying business insights received positive acknowledgment from many attendees.

IBI innovations and Announcements

IBI CEO Frank Vella introduced new innovations including automated insights, open data visualization, and Omni-HealthData Cloud. The focus remained firm to solve the challenges around all the data while enabling more comprehensive insights. IBI is dedicated to leveraging augmented analytics capabilities that include Cloud, AI, ML, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

More than 2,500 attendees watched the keynote at the Virtual Summit 2020  and Frank focusing on how to build a better future through the use of data. The IBI Summit announced updates, roadmap of WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform, Omni-Gen data management platform with the preview to discover new product capabilities.

Measuring the future with Data

Virtual Summit 2020 remarkably offered us an invaluable chance to connect with thought leaders and exchange innovative ideas virtually. We met clients seeking a better understanding of the BI application, visualization, insights, and business outcomes. The summit created new possibilities for us to help organizations succeed through the use of data and analytics.

Amtex BI is focused to prioritize the unremitting support to all our customers and partners. We keep enhancing our capabilities to ensure that you make firm business decisions and solve the most daunting data challenges.


IBI summit 2020 introduced new product announcements, roadmaps, and updates on WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform, Omni-Gen data management platform, and lot more. Recently we’ve done multiple PoCs for several clients who wish to adopt the latest IBI features. Our focus is to help customers understand the best ways to incorporate the newest features into their analytics roadmap.

You can join our upcoming webinar where we’ll be answering the client’s pivotal questions about WebFOCUS 8.2.07, Open Visualizations, Native AI/ML, DevOps using IBI product stack, etc. Our experts will provide a deeper understanding of the Summit announcements and help you propel enterprise-wide analytics adoption.

Amtex BI always endeavors to help clients discover and adopt new product capabilities faster.

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