IBI Summit 2020 – Top Takeaways

IBI Summit 2020 – Top Takeaways

The first ibi Virtual Summit held on 23-24 June 2020, rang in some major announcements on numerous product innovations which will be delivering unprecedented value for ibi users (a.k.a builders) across industries and verticals. The virtual event opened doorways to customers, partners, data analysts, analytics enthusiasts, power users, and industry leaders, across the globe to virtually gather to exchange knowledge and ideas. For the first time in ibi history, more than 3,000 participants, including more than 525 partners, gathered at the summit. CEO Frank Vella kick-started the summit with a customary keynote “let’s talk about the relationship between data and your business.

After an amazing 2 days, we decided to summarize the ibi Summit 2020. Here are the major key takeaways:

Open Visualizations

Do you struggle to connect multiple business intelligence (BI) and visualization tools with your enterprise data source, causing multiple versions of analytics?

One of the biggest announcements at the Information Builders in the virtual summit that we were thrilled about, was ibi Open Visualizations that opens a world of possibilities for organizations. Data management has always been one of the biggest strengths of the ibi product suite. Imagine if you could take this unified single-source-of-truth and open it up to a host of other Analytics tools that your organization uses – like we said, “endless possibilities”! To begin with, there will be no version explosion and a unified platform approach will be incorporated, through your entire enterprise. Reliable actionable insights will be derived at a larger scale with all walls down!

Integrated: unity

Code named, Unity, ibi Open Data platform is forecasted to offer a unified experience centered on a common web application and repository to bring data access, data discovery, data management, data preparation, coupled with BI and analytics.

With robust features, it unifies data management technologies with modern applications, that allow them to run, author, and share applications, projects, and setup components effortlessly. With this, organizations can easily manage, embed, and share from their data, with amplified ease of configuration, maintenance, and security.

Omni-HealthData Cloud Essentials

Information Builders unveiled the Omni-HealthData Platform to make it possible for healthcare customers to build an agile business. Omni-HealthData Cloud Essentials is designed for healthcare providers to leverage patient data resourcefully. This advanced platform can support your healthcare establishment’s successful shift to value-based healthcare. It simplifies management and usage of healthcare data & information to help you generate insights that enhance the patient experience, population health, while being compliant with the ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Native Automated Insights for Everyone

With the new release, ibi will offer “automated insights” by embedding AI, machine learning, and data science capabilities within ibi product stack. In today’s analytics landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are utilized more expansively in every business vertical to enhance the efficiency of business processes and improve customer success.  “Automated Insights” – designed to make information actionable for the broader audience. Without any complicated steps, users can analyze business data to identify unusual patterns or trends in data. Automated Insights is available in WebFOCUS 8207.13 at just a click of the new “Insights” button – instantly discover data insights. Have you tried it yet? Do let us know if you faced any challenges or are thinking of trying it out!

Solving Data Challenges & Data Governance

Ibi is focused to help clients to solve data challenges and harvest actionable insights from trusted data. Frank Vella explained how ibi will help organizations to access, manage, and distribute data unremittingly. The ibi unified platform will empower the organization with the capabilities to prepare the data after aggregating and cleaning while addressing the data challenges. Every organization wants to identify key business metrics and good data quality (accuracy, consistency, completeness, etc.) allows organizations to get reliable perspectives from multiple dimensions. To support data governance initiatives ibi’s data and analytics products are inclined to represent key business metrics and data lineage for monitoring the quality of the data.

Myibi Community

Ibi’er and customer service exec Dan Ortolani, SVP Worldwide Customer Support Services delivered one of the most awaited announcements of Summit 2020 – myibi.  It is a new customer community platform that allows customers and partners to share, learn, collaborate, and discuss their data challenges with each other. The objective to launch myibi it is to support and allow customers to learn from each other’s best practice. To nurture and grow a thriving community of “builders” who are avid ibi product users across the globe.

Summing it all up

“We embed intelligence into everything. Your data is not for a single purpose. We know the importance of this in the enterprise. We’re on a mission to turn you into information builders.”

Frank Vella, CEO, Information Builders (ibi)

Amtex BI being a 2-decade old partner of Information Builders, have unmatched product prowess when it comes to the ibi product stack. We were thrilled with the ibi Summit 2020 announcements which was teeming with product innovation, roadmaps, and updates, on WebFOCUS BI and Analytics platform, Omni-Gen HealthData management platform, and a lot more. The overall experience of Virtual Summit 2020 will perhaps never equal the energy and engagement of the traditional ibi conferences but ibi left no stone unturned in bringing the best virtual experience possible.

We’re soon announcing a series of webinars with insightful content and POCs demonstrating real use cases and implementations using the latest features added to the ibi product stack.

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