Top 5 Reasons to attend the Amtex BI webinar series 2020

Top 5 Reasons to attend the Amtex BI webinar series 2020

The two-day ibi Virtual Summit 2020 had you hooked with the best sessions on data, analytics, product announcements, business trends, and new capabilities, that promise transforming your IB product setup into a highly available, high-performance, secure, & cost-effective insights center. Not only did we enjoy the exclusive conferences on WebFOCUS 8.2.07, Open Visualizations, Native AI/ML, DevOps etc. we thoroughly enjoyed connecting virtually with our clients and customers during the summit.

On 1st Sep 2020, we are ready to re-live the excitement! Amtex BI is all set, with the same enthusiasm and determination to meet our clients and customers globally, on our upcoming webinar series. We’ve been flooded with queries and POC requests since Summit happened, and in an effort to help more of our clients discover the biggest announcements of Summit 2020, we are launching our first ever exclusive webinar series on 01st Sep 2020. We are thrilled as well as overjoyed to have the opportunity to meet our clients and resolve any and every lingering question on Information Builders, that can support them in successful enterprise-wide product adoption.


Here’s the top 5 reasons, why you most certainly should attend this amazing lineup of sessions:

1. Meet the experts: Tim and Dinesh

Tim Howard – Director Sales, Amtex BI

With 10 yrs worth of ibi expertise, Tim works on changing the way customers see their data and drive business value. Weaving solutions and strategies, his core expertise lies in improving enterprise-wide adoption.

Dinesh Kalyanasundaram – Vice President, Amtex BI

With 15+ yrs of experience in designing data applications with keen focus on consuming audience and UX, Dinesh helps customers realize the value that data products bring: actionable insights derived from a single source of truth.

2. 5 Webinar 2 Experts 1 Event

Attend the exclusive webinar series with our experts Tim and Dinesh to leverage their deep expertise on product adoption and find out how the IBI platform allows organizations to respond rapidly to issues and trends. In the webinar get a better understanding of how to embed business intelligence (BI) into every process and application as part of your digital transformation. Amtex BI webinar series 2020 — One event with a unique vision to support our clients from financial, supply-chain, government, education, non-profit, and healthcare sectors. Through this Webinar, we are focusing on helping customers improve their operational efficiency and succeed in fulfilling the market demands.

3. Explore new ibi Product Capabilities.

The ibi summit stated amazing updates on WebFOCUS 8.2.07, Open Visualizations, Native AI/ML, DevOps using IBI product stack, and a lot more. Our experts have deep understanding and experience to solve and suggest solutions to the toughest challenges. Our versatile services are designed to drive future-proof implementations using the new ibi product capabilities. From cloud to data lineage, from weaving ibi solutions to designing reliable strategies, our experts provide solutions to help customers at a global level.

4. Improve your ibi Product Adoption.

To turn data into meaningful action, it needs the ability to integrate the strategies and methodologies that transmute the product value. Join us as we strategically build and develop a roadmap for a Live POC exercise. Also learn how to solve common complex data and analytics challenges with our experts.

5. Plug and Play Actionable Insights effectively.

One of the biggest benefits of efficient analytics is an upsurge in productivity. The Information Builders’ interactive ibi platform empowers business users to obtain quick answers to critical questions. Hence, it is really important to learn how to drive and utilize enterprise data and enable the company to grow and keep pace with today’s rapidly changing market. In the webinar, our experts will address some use cases and useful strategies along with your questions linked to actionable insights and effective approaches. 

Last chance to register!

Get an in-depth understanding of product roadmap including native AI/ML predictive analytics, augmented analytics, and machine learning. Also, learn about industry-specific data and analytics accelerators and solutions associate with ibi updates.

You can join our upcoming webinar on 1st Sep 2020 where our experts will be answering the client’s crucial inquiries about WebFOCUS 8.2.07, Open Visualizations, Native AI/ML, DevOps using IBI product stack, etc. Grasp info about the unified platform with our experts who will also provide a deeper knowledge of the Summit announcements. This will help you propel enterprise-wide analytics adoption successfully and help your business growth by 2X!


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