6 Reasons to Attend our Webinar Series 2020

6 Reasons to Attend our Webinar Series 2020

Most organizations struggle to get their users to consume information, insights, dashboards, and analytics effectively. Simply having access to Data & Analytics tools isn’t enough to confer a competitive advantage. Why are most businesses unable to make use of their analytics setup profitably? Poor adoption and poor utilization widen the gap in the journey of investing in BI and making actual, measurable, game-changing, data-driven decisions. The better the product adoption, the more are the chances of you making the most out of your data. Lack of understanding about product adoption can lead to users abandoning your analytics platform, costing you precious time and money. To make strategic decision-making and propel businesses ahead an intuitive dashboard design can be a game-changer.

Ugly WebFOCUS dashboard downright your ability to leverage and understand the data that can directly impact the ROI of business investments. But applying some easy design principles can humanize your ugly dashboards. Join our upcoming exclusive webinar to meet our experts from ibi and Amtex BI on 12th Nov 2020. Identify some quick fixes that can make a huge difference in building attractive and user-friendly dashboards!



Tim Howard – Director Sales, Amtex BI
Dinesh Kalyanasundaram – Vice President, Amtex BI
Benazir Khan – Senior Manager, Amtex BI
Andy Kirby – Senior Pre-Sales Engineer, Information Builders




Ugly does not necessarily refer to the aesthetic beauty of your dashboards and applications. Poor product adoption and poor usability can turn your dashboard into ugly dashboards. Join this webinar series to learn from our experts how to humanize your dashboard. Experience a huge difference in the utilization of your product with quick self-help tips. Not only that, allow your users to consume information, insights, dashboards, or analytics better than ever before.


Yes, design matters! A dashboard’s effectiveness starts with the design. Fixing your dashboard is not complicated at all. Believe it! In our exclusive Webinar learn how to enhance the intuitive sense of understanding and usability of your dashboard to accomplish your business goals. Learn dashboard design that can help you catch the user’s attention with intuitive navigation and usability of the dashboard page or screen.


Ugly dashboards drive your users away? An improved user experience draws the real line to achieving a significant analytics ROI. In the webinar learn how to implement easy-to-remember principles of Wireframes, to switch to user-friendly and intuitive analytical applications. With just a few clicks, align your dashboard layout with the expectations of your end-users, and achieve actionable outcomes.


Creating a human-friendly application, be it a mobile app or dashboard, helps the user establish a habit. Take one step further to relate everything on your dashboard interface in a human-friendly manner. Identify some quick tips and tricks from our experts that can enhance your user’s interaction with the dashboard data unthinkingly. Running user tests is advisable but always remember that user tests is less about finding the right users to test, but more about finding the right design, that most users are able to fluidly navigate through.


Information Builders’ WebFOCUS has tremendous flexibility when it comes to stylesheets, custom designing, productizing your analytics application, and a lot more. Watch a live demo by Andy Kirby to fix your ugly WebFOCUS dashboards. This is an effort to deliver ins and outs of WebFOCUS that can help you eliminate common mistakes that many enterprises tend to make. We aim to suggest guidelines that aren’t complicated at all!


Submit us your dashboards, we’ll give you 5 review pointers to humanize your WebFOCUS dashboard. The best looking dashboard that we can’t make better, gets $100 cash! Through this webinar, we’re going to show you how to make analytics an enterprise-wide habit. So don’t miss this chance!


Join our exclusive webinar series on 12th Nov 2020 to hear from our ibi and Amtex BI experts about best practices that can help you improve usability and experience on your dashboards. Know why and how poor adoption is the biggest gap drive measurable ROI from your BI investment. This webinar is for you- right from understanding your audience to creating a successful analytical application. It’s time to grow your analytics ROI by 25%. Want to know more? Book your spot!

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