Why is it important to stay updated of BI Trends?

Why is it important to stay updated of BI Trends?

BI Trends

Until recently BI capabilities were limited to internal data usage, but now the BI tools and solutions have broadened their horizons and made available the external data as well to facilitate effective decision making. The length and depth with which the new data mining tools are obtaining data are facilitating companies to not base their decisions on a “hunch” but rather support it with real-time insights about their business and customers.

Business Intelligence modernizes the existing business processes and supports decision making by providing right insights at the right time. It is the way to digitalize, reinvent and reengineer the existing business processes in order to make the same more agile and responsive to change.

Companies are trying to keep up with the latest BI tools and technologies which can deliver faster and superior insights. Find out what are the latest trends and old hat in the BI space!

AI Powered BI tools

AI and BI go hand in hand; they deliver smarter, more specialized customer experiences and business insights. AI is taking up roles in heavy regulated industries to make the business process faster and reliable. Not just this, they take in data, process it and break it down to actionable insights that aid stakeholders in their decision making processes.

The question that comes first into our mind is Why Do BI needs AI? Well, data is rising in mass and we need AI powered BI tools that can digest the data that is blasted from different source and deliver relevant insights in real-time.

Personalized Experiences with Zero Time to Insights

They say time is money, but reduced time to insights is saving money. The industry as a whole is looking to reduce the time to insight.

Self-service BI with real-time insights results in quicker insights and prompts decision making at every level. Digital BI assistants like Malia from Amtex BI add an entirely new dimension to self-service BI. They make BI accessible to the entire organization and enable users to obtain insights on the move on different devices.

Simply Embed BI

The shift from using independent BI apps for analytics to embedding BI into a company’s existing transactional apps has already begun and we only seeing it becoming the norm.

A major advantage of embedded BI is that it quickens the process from data generation to deriving insights. It also adds the convenience of not having to constantly shift from one platform to the other and can be used to achieve both internal as well as external objectives.

Amtex BI helps companies integrate the right BI solutions with their existing apps.

From Data Management to Managing Services

More companies will be looking to focus on their core operations and outsource their managed services. This shift is effective in saving redundant costs and freeing companies from the burden of time-consuming tasks.

IT tasks like patching, monitoring and managing their IT infrastructure.

With a reliable service provider like Amtex BI, companies will be able to enjoy a seamless IT environment. Amtex BI minimizes the challenges in scaling and managing the IT applications, brings in speed, agility and simplicity while providing end-to-end infrastructure management.

Cloud Transformation

Companies are moving to the integrated solutions approach from the traditional siloed application approach. And, in such a set-up ‘cloud’ serves as the best means by providing a common platform for integration to take place across a multitude of services. Cloud adoption ensures higher efficiency, greater flexibility, lower costs and better performance for your business.

Why is it important to stay updated of BI Trends?

BI will boost your ability to analyze the current consumer buying trends. With the help of BI tools you will be able to improve your control over your business processes. A BI system would enhance your ability to identify suitable opportunities for your organization, thus enabling you to plan for a successful future, turn data into actionable insights, improve business efficiency and increase productivity. BI tools help your company maintain the competitive edge by providing insights into your competitors business

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