Malia – Powered By Amtex BI

Malia – Powered By Amtex BI

The Proliferation of Hands Free Devices

A while ago we were watching Digital Assistants (hands-free) in sci-fi movie fantasies; now these are the ‘reality’ and an essential part of our day to day life. Rise in number of Voice based assistants has changed the way how we interact with technology. From typing on smart phones to talking to them, the journey has been exceptional. Thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence), the conversations with our smart phones are no longer limited to basic information exchange. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have made the interactions between human and the technology smart and clever. We can now rely on our smart phones to save our day. From managing our calendar, to telling us where to eat, everything is possible. One interesting part about this technology is that the more we train these devices, the more efficient they become.

Facts Support that Human has Embraced this Innovation

The number of people using voice-enabled virtual assistants has increased as compared to last year. The Generation X is the interacting with Voice Assistants on a regular basis.

BI Intelligence reports inferred that 75% of people use voice assistants when they want to ask questions, 57% interact with their phones to ask for weather updates, 55% for dictating text messages, 52% for dialing contacts and 50% use it to listen to music. However, only 13% use their voice-enabled speakers to control home appliances.

Zero Time to Insight

Every innovation happens with the on-set of a need, the need to get information instantly in no time. In the busy hustle-bustle, we want to reach to a decision without wasting any time and technology like always is here to make things easy for us. As far as industries are concerned, every department and every sector have transformed into automated business, due to which, we have access to huge amount of data. This has given rise to a new problem, how to analyze this data?

Today more than ever, the need for data analytics has intensified. Irrespective of the size of the organization, data is everywhere; automation, data warehousing, data mining, spreadsheets, in-house applications, industry-specific tools, social media and the list is long, when it comes to sources of data. It is a mission of the business analysts to generate insights with these humongous amounts of data, in order to make business decisions.

Introduction of Business Intelligence has given a new way of how data is seen and analyzed. This stuff is really useful as it generates visually appealing insights from the data and helps in easy decision making.

Zero time to insights is the key! Which is why, voice based assistants fit beautifully in our business network. Industries are looking for the ways to innovate and this technology will reduce their time taken to make the decision because of analyzing data and converting them into useful insights. That ways companies can maintain their competitive advantage in the market and not get lost managing the collateral damages.

Malia – Powered By Amtex BI

Have you ever wondered what if an intelligent voice-driven digital assistant can deliver business insights? Can you tell your smart phone to visualize, how you performed last quarter? Can your average digital assistant predict your holiday sales? And this doesn’t stop here!

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