Introducing an intelligent digital assistant who provides the right business insights when you need them.

  » Understands natural language

  » Easy to use and integrate

  » Instant Insights

  » Voice and Chat

  » Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning



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Amtex malia chatbot and amtex products

Key Features

Malia can bring in a better and faster user experience providing 24×7 intelligent customer service.

Malia will help in streamlining the operations, automate customer support, and provide a more convenient and enjoyable customer experience.

Minimal setup, easy integration, and accessibility via a conversation medium are the key features of Malia.

Amtex malia chatbot key feature

Has the ability to constantly learn from user interactions to become better at predicting their needs.

Knows where to store that information, so it can access it again in the future.

Your Business Insights… On-the-Go!

Amtex Malia Conversational Interface can be deployed in a wide variety
Of use cases across multiple industries


             Telecom Assistant                         Banking Assistant                       Insurance Assistant                Airport Assistant               E-commerce Assistant