Unleash the Power of Data Accessibility like Never Before.

Unleash the Power of Data Accessibility like Never Before.

In the ever-evolving world of enterprises, the quest for an exceptional data and analytics software platform is never-ending. They yearn for a solution that not only allows seamless access to data but also presents analytics in an effortlessly digestible manner. Picture a majestic realm where business intelligence meets full-stack data management, conjuring a magical concoction that delivers a trove of trustworthy and business-ready data, catering to the needs of every user and any use case.

Step into this enchanting realm and behold WebFOCUS®! This extraordinary tool possesses the power to transform mere insights into tangible outcomes, as it seamlessly weaves together data analytics strategy and execution. Witness as adoption rates soar, reusability is amplified, and ROI reaches new heights, all fueled by the transformative prowess of this magnificent software. Prepare to be mesmerized as WebFOCUS® ignites the flames of your digital transformation. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of its embedded analytics, where data weaves a tapestry of knowledge that guides your journey to success. And fear not the vast expanse of the digital skies, for WebFOCUS® will guide you through the clouds, mobile platforms, and operational realms, unlocking untold potential at every turn.

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The Power of Knowing Your Data’s Potential

ibi™ Omni-Gen®

ibi™ Omni-HealthData®

ibi™ Omni-Insurance™

ibi™ Omni-Gen® MDM

The Power of Knowing Your Data’s Potential

The power of reporting becomes an art form under WebFOCUS’s spell, encompassing not just small-scale insights but massive deployments that cater to the grandest aspirations. Behold the magic of report scheduling and distribution, ensuring that the fruits of your labor find their way to those who seek them. So, venture forth into the fantastical world of WebFOCUS®, where data and analytics coalesce into a force that can reshape enterprises, unlocking new dimensions of success and leaving a trail of awe-inspired businesses in its wake. Embrace the magic and let the journey of digital transformation begin!


ibi™ Omni-Gen® is an avant-garde data integration and mastering marvel, revolutionizing the landscape of master data management (MDM), Data Quality (DQ), match/merge, data cleansing, and data integration projects. This cutting-edge platform empowers users with swift, model-driven implementation, paving the way for a seamless and dynamic journey. Omni-Gen® embodies a visionary top-down design process, fostering the cultivation of best practices and effortlessly automating the implementation of a myriad of features. As a result, risk is minimized, and the cherished value of time is amplified, setting new standards in the realm of data prowess.

ibi™ Omni-HealthData® empowers payer and provider organizations to harness the power of cutting-edge technologies for seamless data acquisition, management, and analysis. Through business intelligence, analytics, data integration, data quality, and master data management, organizations gain the upper hand in the dynamic healthcare landscape. Unlocking two distinctive editions, the Payer Edition, and the Provider Edition, Omni-HealthData® tailors its prowess to meet the unique needs of each realm. With this remarkable tool at their disposal, these organizations embark on a data-driven adventure, transforming information into valuable insights and elevating their healthcare operations to new heights of success.

ibi™ Omni-Insurance™ offers a swift and efficient way to implement master data management (MDM), data cleansing, and data integration projects through its model-driven approach. This advanced platform ensures a secure and scalable environment, facilitating seamless management of essential data for insurance companies. With Omni-Insurance, businesses can tackle complex data challenges with ease, optimizing their operations and decision-making processes.

Notably, Omni-Insurance stands out as the most flexible and high-performing version of the comprehensive insurance data management platform developed so far. Its cutting-edge capabilities empower organizations to handle large volumes of data while maintaining data integrity as well as consistency. The model-driven implementation streamlines the process, reducing manual efforts, and accelerating time-to-value for insurance enterprises.

The ibi™ Omni-Gen® MDM for Single Domain presents a convenient, prepackaged solution tailored to excel in mastering the Customer domain. Within this comprehensive package, all essential components are readily available, comprising a predefined model, Data Quality rules, and Governance Console perspectives. This integrated, all-in-one solution streamlines the process of data mastering, ensuring an efficient and effective approach.

One of its major advantages lies in its adaptability to cater to individual client needs and preferences. Organizations can easily extend and customize the solution to meet specific requirements and demands, making it a versatile and scalable choice for various scenarios. Whether it’s accommodating unique data structures or adhering to specific governance guidelines, the ibi™ Omni-Gen® MDM for Single Domain can flexibly address these challenges.


But it doesn’t end there; for behind WebFOCUS’s mystical veil lies a wealth of industry expertise, infusing every aspect of its being. As you journey deeper into its realm, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a team of sorcerers who wield knowledge and experience, ready to guide you through any challenge. By leveraging this prepackaged mastering solution, businesses can enhance data accuracy, establish better data governance, and ultimately optimize their operations within the customer domain.
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