Elevate Your Decision-Making with the Open Data Hub for Mainframe.

Elevate Your Decision-Making with the Open Data Hub for Mainframe.

The ibi Open Data Hub is here to change that game! It’s like the superhero for anyone who’s been craving easier and quicker access to mainframe data. Imagine this: business users get to seamlessly blend and play around with all sorts of data in real-time. No more headaches trying to import information into your favorite analytics tools—it’s all just smooth sailing. And for all your data scientists out there, say goodbye to the days of feeling locked out of mainframe data. Now you can whip up custom queries without needing to be a SQL wizard. Dive into those deep, complex datasets in real-time, and watch your analytics game reach new heights.

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Learn how to tackle the intricate challenge of extracting data from legacy systems, and navigating data silos, and custom interfaces, all while seamlessly delivering it directly to your business users.

But wait, there’s more! Developers, rejoice!

The Open Data Hub comes with this super easy-to-use GUI interface. No need to break your brain creating custom SQL queries. Just click, type, and voila—your data queries are ready to roll. Plus, it opens the door to multiple databases, seriously boosting your productivity and software quality. We all know companies rely on mainframes for their top-notch security, reliability, and scalability. They’re like the unsung heroes of the business world. But sometimes, accessing all that precious data stored in mainframes can feel like cracking a code. Enter the Open Data Hub for Mainframe—it’s like the perfect blend of the old-school IBM Z security and the modern BI revolution.

So, whether you’re a business whiz, a data genius, or a coding maestro, the Open Data Hub is here to make your mainframe experience a breeze. Legacy and modern tools? Yeah, you can have the best of both worlds!

There is no doubt that ibi™ Open Data Hub for Mainframe is here to make your data experience simple, secure, and seriously sensational. So now it’s time to unleash the full power of your data without breaking a sweat.


Unleashing Data Power with Open Data Hub

Let’s talk about the cool world of ibi™ Open Data Hub for Mainframe—it’s like the superhero of data handling, keeping all that valuable information right where it belongs, on the IBM Z platform. So, what’s the big deal with this Open Data Hub? Well, buckle up because it’s got some fantastic features empowered with benefits that are about to make your data experience even more awesome:

Real-time Access for Analytics:

Picture this—you get to tap into your mainframe data in real time for some serious analytics action. No more waiting around; it’s all about instant insights.

Choose Your Adventure in Data Visualization:

Functional business users, rejoice! With Open Data Hub, you have the power to pick your favorite data visualization tools. It’s all about making things work for you.

Mix and Match Data Sources:

Legacy and modern systems can finally play nicely together. Open Data Hub lets you combine data from both worlds while keeping everything neatly stored on the mainframe.

Fort Knox Security with a Modern Twist:

Security buffs, listen up. Open Data Hub plays nice with existing mainframe security frameworks, all while giving you access to modern security features, encryption, and pervasive encryption. It’s like having a high-tech security guard for your data.

No Metadata Makeover Required:

Ever had to deal with the headache of changing metadata? Not anymore! Open Data Hub lets you access your existing mainframe data without the need for any metadata makeover.

Keep Tabs on Usage and Performance:

Worried about overloading the system? Fear not! Open Data Hub has your back with usage and performance monitoring. It’s like having a personal assistant that ensures everything runs smoothly.

Save Some Bucks:

Who doesn’t love saving money? Open Data Hub does just that by minimizing the usage of general-purpose central processing units. Direct cost savings? Count us in!

Open Data Hub for Mainframe, what’s the buzz?

ibi™ Open Data Hub for Mainframe—it’s like your data’s superhero, flexing its muscles on the IBM Z platform. So, what’s the buzz? This powerhouse not only lets you dive deep into your mainframe data but does it in a way that’s as easy as pie. Imagine extending your visualizations with tools like ibi™ WebFOCUS—simple and secure, just the way we like it.

But hold onto your hat because there’s more! Open Data Hub brings AI/ML into the mix, making it a game-changer for organizations. For the financial whizzes, it means diving into customer clustering and tailoring products like a pro.  Now, if you’re in the manufacturing game, AI/ML becomes your secret weapon for production scheduling. Are you detecting anomalies in schedules or supply chains? Consider it done.

And guess what? Insurance companies, you’re in for a treat! Open Data Hub can turbocharge your claims processing with AI/ML magic. Spotting potentially fraudulent claims? It’s like having a superhero sidekick in the insurance game. In a nutshell, ibi™ Open Data Hub isn’t just about data—it’s about unleashing possibilities and making your business life much easier.


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There’s more – brace yourself for a live demo, a step-by-step walkthrough, and some pro tips to take your data game to the next level!

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