Top 3 Reasons: Why Companies Prefer Cloud BI

Top 3 Reasons: Why Companies Prefer Cloud BI

Top 3 Reasons: Why Companies Prefer Cloud BI

Cloud computing and BI is a match made in the competitive business world. While BI gives you the right insights at the right time, cloud provides an efficient way to access your BI applications. Cloud BI makes it possible for businesses to have access to instant insights in a device agnostic way. Cloud business intelligence has been gaining popularity as it boosts productivity in less time. Cloud based business intelligence setup is a sure shot way to maximize the performance of your business or product.

How is Cloud BI helping Businesses maintain Competitive Edge

Cloud BI has numerous benefits over on-premises BI solutions. Companies that are using this setup are already witnessing advantages such as increased performance, lower costs and an agile BI setup, to name a few. Cloud based BI has given businesses, real-time access to business critical data.

 1. Low Cost and Faster ROI

With no additional hardware and database requirement, cloud BI is faster to set up when compared to on-premise BI. With faster setup and pay-as-you-go pricing, moving your BI setup to the cloud could actually mean a comparatively lower TCO as well as quicker ROI. Beyond setup, the operational overhead drastically decreases when opting for Cloud BI. For starters, your IT team is freed up for core tasks as software updates and scheduled maintenance is part of your Cloud service provider’s basic SLA.

2. Agility and Scalability

Cloud BI solutions are designed to match with the increasing demands of the market. They can be easily scaled up and down as per the requirement, and this can be done without having to install any additional hardware or database. Cloud BI is also known for its agility. Does “performance tuning” sound like an all too familiar overhead? One can easily add dashboards and run complex reports on cloud BI without worrying about the processing speed or the number of users simultaneously logged in. In a traditional on-premise setup these little things could cause glitches and slow down your day. To counter glitches in an on-premise setup, the only way out would be to heavily invest money and time, in upgrading hardware. With a cloud based setup, it’s only a matter of a few clicks – you can ramp up or down your resources in a jiffy!

3. Security

Cloud BI solutions have multiple layers of security that enables organization to take secured business decisions. Many organizations believe that their sensitive data is unbreachable as long it stays on-premise, secure in their corporate server. Cloud offers a higher level of security sans the overhead of constantly upgrading your setup. Cloud offers greater control which ensures your data stays safe and secure thanks to a wide range of security protocols.

Why Amtex BI?
We are the one-stop-shop for migrating your BI setup to the cloud. We stand with you from assessment to implementation and will offer consulting, post implementation of cloud. What sets us apart is that we assess your business needs and will offer solution tailored to your unique requirements. The clients we have been working with have tremendously benefitted from cloud BI in terms of ease of use, dramatically lower downtime, highly secure data and game-changing availability of their BI.

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