Top 3 Incorrect BI Practices – Alarmingly common!

Top 3 Incorrect BI Practices – Alarmingly common!

BI tools help organizations convert data into business insights in the form of improved customer relationships, accelerated performance, and smarter decision making.In order to make the most of a BI tool, it is essential to avoid mistakes which users tend to make while using it.

Innovation runs throughout the industries and BI companies are keeping pace by packing wide-ranging features and capabilities in their BI tools. One of the most versatile BI tools available in the market is WebFOCUS.

With every release WebFOCUS brings path-breaking solutions to its users. However, as the number of features grow, so do the possibilities of a steeper learning curve. While proper training and demonstrations are the right way out, there are certain mistakes which users inherently make while using WebFOCUS.  We took the opportunity to list them down and help them dodge potential costly mistakes to get the most out of this popular tool from Information Builders.

The top 3 things which you could be doing wrong while using WebFOCUS are:

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