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Data Fabric For the Modern Enterprise

Simplify, automate, and intelligently accelerate your data pipelines


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  • Discover, harvest, share, manage, and govern all your key data assets under a single umbrella.
  • Grab tips & tricks to reduce costs while boosting efficiency, productivity, innovation, and growth using Data Fabric.
  • Leverage Data Streaming and Data Virtualization to deliver your data where needed and at the speed of your business. Accelerate decision making!!

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Meet The Speakers


What Will I Learn?

Data Fabric For the Modern Enterprise – SCHEDULE : 1 HRS

Introduction By Tim Howard

5 mins

Our webinar – “Data Fabric For the Modern Enterprise” was a huge success. The event began with Tim Howard welcoming the audience and introducing the panel members. Tim quickly addressed the evolving need for Data Fabric & what it means for modern enterprises. Tim nicely set the expectations of key takeaways for the topics that follow.

Data Maturity with TIBCO Data Fabric Jeff Bierach

30 mins

Data must be deeply ingrained in the organization and be fully incorporated into all decision making and practices. Jeff’s in his session helped the audience to understand Data Maturity and how to evaluate it. Jeff spoke about how modern enterprises can apply an analytics maturity model and use their resources to get value out of their data.

Championing Your Real-world Data Model By Daks

15 mins

Daks discussed real use cases and talked about how enterprise around the world are monetizing data fabric. He also explained the generic process workflow of a typical Data Fabric project/initiative. Daks properly simplified the implementation process of Data Fabric as he walked through customer stories.

Cloud Vs Legacy by Tim Howard

5 mins

In a quick session, Tim explained the audience how to unlock the doorway to applied basics of Data Fabric. After that Tim compared Cloud model with Legacy data storage options to give a high-level idea of how data fabric can accelerate your analytics!

Conclusion, Audience QnA and Winners

10-15 mins

Aditya Sriram wrapped up the session by concluding with the best ways to kickstart and accomplish Data Fabric initiatives inside your org. The session opened for Live audience QnA as Dinesh K announced the contest winners, who won Amazon Gift Cards worth $250!


Modernize your Enterprise with Data Fabric

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Did you know that your organization “already” has some form of data fabric in place? Today every enterprise is driven by the data lexicon and we’re talking terabytes & petabytes (or maybe even yottabytes) of it! The biggest gap that organizations experience is data silos – and the ever-growing number of data sources are only further complicating the challenge. Here’s how we’ll help you build a modern, well-functioning enterprise.

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