The Evolution of WebFOCUS

The Evolution of WebFOCUS


The Evolution of WebFOCUS

The Future of the WebFOCUS is BRIGHT!!

  • ANALYZE your Data with WebFOCUS.
  • CONSOLIDATE all your Data in no time.
  • EXPERIENCE the Power of Data.
  • ALIGN your Organization Better!
  • INTEGRATE your data with WebFOCUS.

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Meet The Speakers



The Evolution of WebFOCUS – SCHEDULE : 1.5 HRS

Introduction By Tim Howard


Lights, camera, action! Tim’s going to roll in, drop names from the Amtex BI and IBI squads, unveil the epic webinar line-up, and clue you in on the big prizes waiting in each of those mind-blowing Topics that’ll have you surfing the WebFOCUS wave into the future. He will spill the beans on the do’s and don’ts of this webinar game. Get ready to ride!

Your Data, Supercharged WebFOCUS By Dinesh K


Time to catch the most tubular session loaded with WebFOCUS wisdom and a whole bunch of slick tips and tricks. We’re talking major power moves – learn to ride the WebFOCUS wave like you’ve never done before! Wrap your head around the freshest features and turbo-charged capabilities in the latest version of WebFOCUS, plus a sneak peek into the Analytics and data management future

WebFOCUS – Live Demo


Get in on the action with a rapid-fire LIVE Demo! We’re cranking up the volume on the latest WebFOCUS wizardry alongside the Amtex BI and ibi brainiacs. Dive into the Strategic Data and Analytics Roadmap with killer advice and backing from our SMEs. Don’t be square – ride the power of WebFOCUS and snag those roadmap answers. Let’s make it happen!

Q&A Session By Tim Howard


Amtex BI and ibi are rolling out the red carpet for your burning questions! It’s a totally rad opportunity to chat LIVE with our SMEs and get the scoop you’ve been itching for. Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers – fire away with those LIVE questions about WebFOCUS Strategic Data management, the analytics Roadmap and lot more. Let’s rock and roll!

Gift Cards Giveaway! By Dinesh K


We’re giving away $100 worth of Amazon Gift Cards only to attendance. So, don’t be a no-show – that’s the secret sauce to scoring big! Keep an eye on your inbox for those emails that’ll set you up with easy-peasy tasks to pump up your winning odds.



Talk to Our Experts Panel

Finding insights into your marketing data is no longer difficult! Talk to our Amtex BI SMEs to comprehend your marketing campaign performance, web analytics, lead activity, funnel rates, and ROI. With Ibi™ WebFOCUS® pro tips learn how to answer the most curious marketer’s questions and create a data culture in your enterprise. Get the in-depth knowledge with ibi™ WebFOCUS® Walkthrough, tips & tricks, and Q&A session for faster insights with less spreadsheets. Empower your marketing team with intuitive, instant, and continuous visibility into marketing performance.