Big Reveal of WebFOCUS v.9.2

Big Reveal of WebFOCUS v.9.2


Big Reveal of WebFOCUS v.9.2

ibi™ WebFOCUS® 9.2 across your Enterprise!

  • Learn how to use White Labelling to rebrand ibi™ WebFOCUS® product.
  • Get to know the benefits of Data Science Explainability and the ability to ranking the variables that can contribute to your Data Science Model.
  • Watch a LIVE – How to use the enhanced WebFOCUS Designer Elements including compound filter and updates on Document Mode.
  • Live Webinar with 3 expert speakers from Amtex BI and ibi.

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Meet The Speakers



Big Reveal of WebFOCUS v.9.2 – SCHEDULE : 1.5 HRS

Introduction By Tim Howard


The webinar starts the event by extending a warm greeting to the audience and outlining some fundamental dos and don’ts for webinars. Tim will introduce the Amtex BI panellists, lay out the Webinar schedule, and discuss the key takeaways for each of the following Topics.

Live WebFOCUS® v.9.2 By Ayden Ellsmere


Unlock ibi™ WebFOCUS® 9.2 the newest features with our seasoned ibi SMEs. Join us for in-depth WebFOCUS® 9.2 Demo with our expert to watch our LIVE Demo, walkthrough, and QnA session to make empowered data-driven decisions in no time! Don’t mis in-depth SMEs interaction useful for your organisation attempting to utilize WebFOCUS® v.9.2.

ibi™ WebFOCUS® 9.2 ins and outs By Porter Thorndike


Porter Thorndike of TIBCO supported the audience in grasping and discovering the newest and best of WebFOCUS® 9.2. In this session contributed to the understanding of how the latest features can help your enterprise stay agile, up to date, and Highly competitive!

Q&A Session By Tim Howard


Amtex BI offers you this one-of-a-kind chance to get all your questions addressed LIVE by our SMEs. Don’t pass up this opportunity to get all your WebFOCUS® v.9.2 LIVE questions to identify problem areas and solution that comes with functionalities within WebFOCUS newest version.

Gift Cards Giveaway!


We’re giving away $100 worth of Amazon Gift Cards only to attendance. To win big, be there! Watch out for emails that encourage you to complete quick chores to increase your chances of winning. Hopefully I’ll see you during the webinar.


Big Reveal of WebFOCUS v.9.2

Talk to Our Experts Panel

Want to know the full spectrum of ad-hoc reporting functionality, benefits of Data Science Explainability, white labelling to rebrand ibi™ WebFOCUS® product and a lot more. Meet our Amtex BI and ibi SMEs- Tim Howard, Porter Thorndike, and Ayden Ellsmere are presenting the on-demand webinar: “ibi™ WebFOCUS® 9.2 is here”. We guarantee you our LIVE Ibi™ WebFOCUS® Demo, Walkthrough, QnA session, tips and tricks can help you identify bottlenecks, create more flexibility, ease enterprise operations, and inspire you to use data smartly.