Hyperconverged Analytics Tibco

Hyperconverged Analytics Tibco


Hyperconverged Analytics: Worth the Hype?


  • Discover the truth behind Hyperconverged Analytics buzz
  • What is Hyperconverged Analytics?
  • 4th gen analytics? No code? Is this for real?
  • Is it just another trending buzzword or does it have real business impacts?
  • Watch a LIVE DEMO of Hyperconverged Analytics for Retail
  • Live Webinar with 4 expert speakers from TIBCO and Amtex BI

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Meet The Speakers



Hyperconverged Analytics: Worth the Hype? – SCHEDULE : 1 HRS

Introduction By Tim Howard

5 mins

Tim introduced TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics as a “game-changing analytics strategy” in his opening remarks. He added that the initiative’s purpose is to enable clients to harness the power of real-time data in order to make better, faster decisions

What is Hyperconverged Analytics? History & Success Stories By Porter Thorndike

10 mins

Porter Thorndike of TIBCO supported the audience in grasping and discovering the past and future of Hyperconverged Analytics in this section. He contributed to the understanding of why the term “hyperconverged analytics” was coined by sharing his knowledge.

Hyperconverged Retail Analytics: Live Demo & Whiteboard Ayden Ellsmere & Tim Howard

20 mins

Tim Howard presented a Whiteboard explainer film on WHY Hyperconverged Analytics is a true power for every industry vertical, as well as an interactive Live Demo by Ayden. Tim and Ayden collaborated to create a retail dashboard during this highly informative session


Hyperconverged Analytics: Worth the Hype?

Talk to Our Experts Panel

Amtex BI is offering you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have all your queries answered LIVE by the experts themselves. That’s right, we’re bringing the Hyperconverged Analytics pioneers to the stage to explain everything you need to know about the technology. Get all your doubts answered from our SMEs

What are the benefits of Hyperconverged analytics?

  • What does the implementation look like?
  • Who needs it and why?
  • What value will it bring to your enterprise?