Let’s talk BI – Talk to your BI with MALIA

Let’s talk BI – Talk to your BI with MALIA

Due to the exponential growth of data in recent years, BI tools are undergoing constant renovation in order to provide the right insights to users, at the right time. The remarkable innovation that pulsates throughout the BI industry is the dawn of NLP & AI (Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence). The technology promises to transform the way BI is utilized with regard to business reporting, data analytics, data governance and much more.

NLP and AI together, have touched every single smart phone user in the world thanks to mobile integration. This technology has reduced the friction between the users and their smart phones. For instance, can you imagine iPhone without ‘Siri’, or your existence without Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana? Even if you don’t use them recurrently, you do want their assistance in the times of crisis. Besides, they are the easiest and fastest source to get to any information.

Recently, Skype has integrated Cortana – a powerful, intelligent assistant to help user with everyday tasks to save time.

The Chase for Instant Insights

The beauty of combining AI with these NLP-driven digital assistants is that they enable chat bots to learn with every interaction. Self-Service BI makes insights available to every user without using IT’s help and digital BI assistants are taking the concept of self service BI to the next level by providing ‘instant insights’ to users and interacting with them in the form of voice or chat.

“By 2020, 85% of all customer interactions will be handled by a Chatbot – IBM Watson.”

Yep, in future, the digital assistants will be the first point of contact between the customer and the company – facts support that humans prefer to interact with them while entering into any transaction with the company. Chat and Voice feature has enhanced the user experience with Zero time analytics, anytime & anywhere. The way these assistants have proliferated in the BI space, we can now say that the future is already here.

MALIA is one such digital assistant that is designed by Amtex BI for the users to get the right insights in no time and at their own comfortable space.

Malia is equipped with features that bring in an improved and quicker user experience. She is trained to provide business insights on-the-go! You can take a walk in the park and

  • Know your sales of November
  • Compare it with the previous month
  • Find out how many units were sold YoY
  • AND predict your sales this Christmas!

All this, without the need for any tech support or knowledge of statistics and without having to login into your BI portal at all – it’s that easy! Just talk to Malia and find answers anytime, anywhere.

What makes MALIA great?

Well for starters, her ability to understand natural language and give quick responses, demonstrates the sheer ability to churn data and process inquiries lightning fast.

She can be integrated with any device, comes with the voice and chat feature and the interface is simple, easy to use and operate. Every line of code written for Malia aims to address the friction that exists between the user and the software.

Sign up for a free demo and we will show you how MALIA can help your business grow leaps and bounds. Save cost, make quick decisions and get on-demand answers to your operational BI questions by accessing your enterprise’s data repositories and obtain intelligent, user friendly responses with zero friction!

With right and instant insights, you can take quick and informed decisions and act on contingencies faster. Have a conversation with MALIA and discover a new method of a smooth business operation.

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