Key highlights – Hyperconverged Analytics: Worth the Hype?

Key highlights – Hyperconverged Analytics: Worth the Hype?

Hyperconverged analytics, generally, is a journey for organizations. It allows enterprises to tap into the power of real-time data to make faster, more informed decisions. Adopting hyperconverged analytics isn’t a simple “buy, plug-in, and play” process. To get the most out of it, you’ll need to properly move your data, install the solution, integrate it with your existing ecosystem, and set it up. This is easier said than done, so it’s understandable if you require assistance.

On 24th May 2022 at 11 am EST, Amtex BI & TIBCO presented an exclusive webinar – “Hyperconverged Analytics: Worth the Hype?”. The webinar’s focus was on the truth behind the hyperconverged analytics hype!! SMEs from AmtexBI and TIBCO discussed why hyperconverged analytics is the way of the future. The webinar included a walkthrough of the concept, a whiteboard version of a real-life retail industry use case, a LIVE demonstration, and a Q&A session to learn more about the business impacts of hyperconverged analytics for various industries.



Tim Howard

Director Sales, Amtex BI

With 10 years’ worth of IBI expertise, Tim works on changing the way customers see their data and drive business value. Weaving solutions and strategies, his core expertise lies in improving enterprise-wide adoption.

Porter Thorndike

Product Manager, Hyperconverged Analytics, TIBCO

As the Product Manager, Porter serves as the bridge between market requirements and engineering. Porter owns the process of defining and executing product engineering strategies and roadmaps, tracking product lifecycle from initial creation to end-of-life.

Ayden Ellsmere

Data Science Solutions Engineer, TIBCO

Helping organizations leverage data science investments through effective deployment alongside business intelligence, Ayden is passionate about the democratization of AI and extending the power of machine learning to all facets of the business. He directly supports field technical assets and IP, including alignment with product roadmap and strategy.


Highlights of Webinar – Hyperconverged Analytics: Worth the Hype?



Tim opened the seminar by describing TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics as a “game-changing analytics strategy.” He clarified that the initiative’s goal is to empower clients to tap into the power of real-time data to make faster, more informed decisions. Tim did an excellent job of preparing the audience for the upcoming sessions.


What is Hyperconverged Analytics? History & Success Stories

In this part, TIBCO’s Porter Thorndike assisted the audience in comprehending and unearthing the past and future of Hyperconverged Analytics. With his knowledge, he contributed to the understanding of why the phrase “hyperconverged analytics” was coined.

Porter also shared some exciting success stories. The first one was of a leading pharmaceutical company that saved $100 million and the second was Mercedes – how the AMG Petronas Formula One Team improved their manufacturing after implementing HCA. His presentation was ripe with facts and ideas that revealed the true potential of HCA in the future.


Hyperconverged Retail Analytics: Live Demo & Whiteboard

This session included an interactive Live Demo by Ayden as well as a Whiteboard explainer video by Tim Howard on WHY Hyperconverged Analytics is a true power for every industry vertical.

In this extremely beneficial session, Tim and Ayden together built a retail dashboard. While Tim used s Whiteboard session to help the audience assign with the business use case, Ayden’s clear and relevant walkthrough of the setup and implementation of Hyperconverged Analytics for CX 360 helped improve the ROI of the retail client.


Final words

“Hyperconverged Analytics: Worth the Hype?” was a success in uncovering the hype and quantifying it for every business use case ever!! In case you missed it and are interested in having the entire scoop on Hyperconverged Analytics, the webinar recording is now available.

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Is real-time data streaming a part of your analytics setup? Do you generate real-time relevant insights? Is this on your Analytics roadmap for this year or the next? Then we want to hear from you! We’re actively looking for future-minded enterprises wrong to explore and monetize the next biggest trend. If you have a strong use case for hyperconverged analytics, we’ll offer to consult for FREE! Let’s work together!

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