Top 3 Incorrect BI Practices – Alarmingly common!

3 Things you're doing wrong in WebFOCUS

BI tools help organizations convert data into business insights in the form of improved customer relationships, accelerated performance, and smarter decision making.In order to make the most of a BI tool, it is essential to avoid mistakes which users tend to make while using it.

Innovation runs throughout the industries and BI companies are keeping pace by packing wide-ranging features and capabilities in their BI tools. One of the most versatile BI tools available in the market is WebFOCUS.

With every release WebFOCUS brings path-breaking solutions to its users. However, as the number of features grow, so do the possibilities of a steeper learning curve. While proper training and demonstrations are the right way out, there are certain mistakes which users inherently make while using WebFOCUS.  We took the opportunity to list them down and help them dodge potential costly mistakes to get the most out of this popular tool from Information Builders.

The top 3 thingswhich you could be doing wrong while using WebFOCUS are:

When deploying WebFOCUS, patience and careful planning are needed,as ignoring the data preparation stage can compromise the data quality which can lead to bad repercussions.

This can be addressed by prioritizing the business problems and not trying to solve multiple problems at once.  Implementation part should not be rushed, the effective way is to use iWay integration suite to ensure data accuracy, consistency and completeness.

The intelligence and the insights generated by WebFOCUS are interactive and can be made available to the widest range of employees,vendors, stakeholders, analysts etc. There are also some companies that are collecting all the insights but end up not sharing it with other verticals of their organization or leveraging the insights to make wise business decisions.

While the BI tools are keeping up with the dynamics of the changing market, many companies are not aware about the different features of the BI tool that they’ve invested so much in. 40% organizations never rise above the usual charts and dashboard type setup. A certain percentile of their end-users doesn’t even know that the reports and charts are interactive and can be used to draw different analytics using multiple data points, identify risks and opportunities, apply trends, forecast revenue etc. They’re forever stuck in the same pre-defined set of reports.

While many companies allocate the budget for purchasing, deploying and maintaining the BI tool, what they don’t plan for, are the training sessions for users.Enough time must be assigned for training the users to enhance their effectiveness to work on WebFOCUS or any other BI tool. This will ensure that the users are aware, and they have developed the skill-set that allows them to leverage the features of the constantly evolving tool.

Tools like Information Builders’ WebFOCUS are constantly evolving and innovating with the changing consumer landscape and one feature that is important today might be superseded by another tomorrow.Therefore, on-going training sessions are important for users so that they become aware of the new changes in the BI system.

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