Our last webinar of this year- “UNLOCK EPIC SPEEDS: WebFOCUS MEETS TIBCO DV” was streamed live on 9th Dec 2021 at 3 pm EST. Like every time, our webinar was loaded with knowledge-packed interactive sessions led by experts from Amtex BI and TIBCO. Each session was centralized on how to efficiently access data and accelerate the speed of analytics using Data Virtualization. The pooled insights from 5 experts, delivered a clear portrait of how Data Virtualization lets you build and manage virtualized data views and services. Also, it helped attendees to discover how TIBCO Data Virtualization (TDV) delivers the data that your business needs, to accelerate revenue, reduce cost and risk, improve compliance, and consistency. The live chat and audience Q&A sessions are our all-time favorite parts since we get to know more about our clients and their concern zones.

This webinar was worth its weight in gold as our experts orbited around Data Virtualization while sharing an in-depth understanding of TDV (TIBCO Data Virtualization) and what makes it unique. Both Amtex BI and TIBCO experts addressed key questions such as:

> How can you efficiently simplify and accelerate your data access?
> How Data Virtualization solves business challenges?
> How can you quickly provide views of the business without replicating data and building complex flows?

Our Webinar Speakers

Tim Howard – Director Sales, Amtex BI

With 10 years’ worth of ibi expertise, Tim works on changing the way customers see their data and drive business value. Weaving solutions and strategies, his core expertise lies in improving enterprise-wide adoption.

Joe Walsh – Principle Solutions Engineer, TIBCO

Joe is always involved in the presales and post-sales support activities of FOCUS, WebFOCUS, and other IBI technology. He carries unique and deep experience with Analytics and Business Intelligence in all industry verticals. Joe’s repertoire also includes Tibco capabilities which span the Connect, Unify, and Predictive pillars offering a unique solution to organizations.

Kevin Duffy- Lead Solutions Engineer, TIBCO

Kevin is driven to understand, collaborate on, and solution organizations’ digitalization initiatives or business problems. Kevin’s experience has been primarily focused on various data management practices such as Master Data Management, Data Virtualization, Metadata Management, Data Migration, Data Warehousing, Data Quality & more.

Dinesh Kalyanasundaram – Vice President, Amtex BI

With 15+ yrs of experience in designing data applications with a keen focus on consuming audience and UX, Dinesh helps customers realize the value that data products bring: actionable insights derived from a single source of truth.

Agenda of the Webinar

• Introduction by Tim Howard
• Fundamentals of Data Virtualization By Kevin Duffy
• Explore: TIBCO DV By Dinesh K
• Is DV the right tool for you? By Tim Howard
• LIVE: Chat and Audience Q&A By Kevin Duffy

Fundamentals of Data Virtualization By Kevin Duffy

Kevin Duffy from TIBCO talked about major challenges in accessing the data in the current complex landscape. He appraised the attendees on how to provide the right data at the right time with the right control. Kevin emphasized – using smart DV solutions to access the data from different data sources effectively.
The significance of data virtualization is that it allows you to have a single point of access for all your enterprise data. Here are some pointers Kevin underlined while explaining about DV –

• Find, understand, secure, and consume data in one place
• Combine data sources both on-premises and in the cloud
• Deliver business data views to all your clients and customers
• Reduce data replication and movement
Using an architectural view diagram Kevin presented how the potential of TIBCO DV can fulfill the demand of today’s business. He beautifully elucidated how efficiently TDV works with different data sources.


Joe Walsh from TIBCO showed deft tips and tricks to get started with monetizing new data faster than ever. He initiated the demonstration of specific scenario – analyze employee training and development followed by a live demo of the creation of a data virtualization ecosystem for IT professionals and business analysis. With the help of TIBCO Data Virtualization Studio, he demonstrated the important steps to follow to connect and access different data sources. Joe energetically delivers a walkthrough of every step to help the attendees discover all the features of TIBCO Data Virtualization. His prime focus was to make everyone understand how to couple TDV with WebFOCUS enabled with security protocols for high performance. And he demonstrated that strikingly!!

Note: To explore more, please click the recording link shared at the end of the blog.

EXPLORE: Real-life Use Cases: By Dinesh Kalyanasundaram

Dinesh K from Amtex BI, employing different real-life use cases, explained how Data Virtualization can take your data further, faster! He shared his client experiences where the key to their problems was the core concept of the data virtualization solution. His session uncovered many DV challenges, benefits, best practices, trade-offs, tips & tricks, and do’s and don’ts. He also covered data virtualization core topics –

• What is data virtualization?
• How data virtualization works?
• What data virtualization is not?
• What can data virtualization do?

To add on, Dinesh K thoroughly defined and described the advantages of TIBCO DV. To know more in-depth, do reach out to Dinesh at

Is DV the right tool for you? By Tim Howard

Tim Howard from Amtex BI made his session quite interactive with poll questions based on the use cases. Through his poll session, he helped the audience clarify their queries and know more about TDV and associated use cases. This session’s central focus was to help the attendees know – Is TDV was the right tool for them or not?
We understand there must be many more questions growing across the TDV portfolios, if you have more questions, we are eager to hear from you. TIBCO DV features and offerings are complemented to the various enterprise use cases and support the data analytics capabilities to boost the business performance.

Last but not least, Dinesh K announced three winners’ names for Amazon Gift Cards worth $150. Congratulation to each winner!!

LIVE: Chat and Audience Q&A By Kevin Duffy

Kevin Duffy with other experts answered audience Q&A vigorously. Each given answer detailed how TIBCO Data Virtualization converged fundamentally on improving usability by providing streamlined data access, faster analytics, smarter workflows, and easier deployment. Kevin also explained how data virtualization is the ultimate approach to address the key challenges on the way to becoming a data-driven enterprise. It was worth being a part of the Q&A session.

Thanks for joining us and listening to our thought leaders from AmtexBI and TIBCO about exciting features, capabilities, and how to start your data virtualization journey using WebFOCUS and TIBCO DV. We are excited that now you can access new data 10x faster!!

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