The Sky is NOT the limit

Amtex BI brings to you, pragmatic technologies
from the realm of Business Intelligence. In the
eye of the storm, our BI Solutions will
help you soar high as well as stand your ground.

Imagine : Achieve

Amtex BI is all about delivering compelling
intelligence in a comprehensive manner.
With powerful What-If Analytics and Trend Reports,
we propel you to turn dormant data into
path breaking decisions.

The Last Mile : Visualizing ROI

Amtex BI employs Advanced Data Visualization
to bestow you with a covetable vantage point.
Measure your ROI with visual acumen and
not just numbers.

Managed Services

Let Amtex BI hold the fort and steer you clear of any
hiccups in your organization’s IT environment.
Stay focused on your nucleus tasks and let us
manage your BI infrastructure end-to-end!

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Digital Transformation

Amtex BI creates digital footprints for you to
follow and transform. Innovate your processes
and make better decisions with our
proficient digital solutions.

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How profound is your need for Business Analytics?
"What gets measured, gets managed"

Regardless of the size of your Organization; with the help of reliable insights and realistic action, you can perpetually amend your ROI graphs for the better. Your data is a gold mine: it's time to pick that shovel, start mining and while you're at it, Amtex BI will show you the clutter-free way of realizing superlative Business Analytics. With database agnostic and tool agnostic approaches, whatever be your Infrastructure, Amtex BI can setup dependable, scalable and secure BI.

Predictive Analytics
"In God we trust, all others must bring data"

This statistician is spot on! Predictive analytics is about trusting your data to show you the right way. Amtex BI can show you how to derive trends from data and foresee the turn of events in everyday business decisions. Whether it is predicting Loan Defaulters, Holiday Retail Trends, or Constructive Product Launch Dates, predictive analytics can do wonders for your business. Successful Predictive Analytics depends a lot more on the questions you ask your data, than the data in question. Amtex Domain Experts are trained specialists in your specific industry who can help you ask the right questions and procure remarkable results from your data.

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