Testing New One

Testing New One

Elevate Your Decision-Making with the Open Data Hub for Mainframe.

The ibi Open Data Hub is here to change that game! It’s like the superhero for anyone who’s been craving easier and quicker access to mainframe data. Imagine this: business users get to seamlessly blend and play around with all sorts of data in real-time. No more headaches trying to import information into your favorite […]

Unleash the Power of Data Accessibility like Never Before.

In the ever-evolving world of enterprises, the quest for an exceptional data and analytics software platform is never-ending. They yearn for a solution that not only allows seamless access to data but also presents analytics in an effortlessly digestible manner. Picture a majestic realm where business intelligence meets full-stack data management, conjuring a magical concoction […]

Digital Transformation through the Lens of AIOps

It may surprise you to learn that 56% of business leaders believe that traditional monitoring solutions are no longer suitable for their business needs. This is the reason why many companies are increasingly adopting digital transformations to enhance their organizational performance using IT tools and technologies. The main driving force behind this shift is the […]

Fuel your Modern Enterprise with WebFOCUS Installation and Infrastructure Expertise

Do you ever dream of possessing a magical spell that could transform your data into valuable insights, enable real-time analytics for making informed business decisions, and personalize customer experiences based on their unique needs? Well, it’s time to stop fantasizing. We understand that in today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses in various industries are constantly seeking […]

Top Five Business Intelligence Tools for 2023–2024

Do you know that a company could get an advantage over competitors if it managed to collect even a small portion of the data that was accessible and mine it for pertinent information? To create a limitless potential for their companies, many organizations are simply looking for cutting-edge business intelligence (BI) tools for just one […]

Key Highlights – WebFOCUS v9.2 is here!

Our webinar, – “ibi™ WebFOCUS® 9.2 is here” was a huge success. The webinar got live streamed on May 3, 2023, at 11:30 a.m. EDT and was packed with in-depth knowledge of WebFOCUS® 9.2’s newest features. We are confident that our webinar provided numerous possibilities for advancements that your organization can benefit from, such as […]

How to Unlock Business Value Employing Business Intelligence?

Businesses are inherently competitive, which has forced both corporations and their opponents to adapt and evolve quickly. To gain an advantage over competitors, these companies must report every decision they make. No matter what industry they are in, every business has access to a wealth of data that they may use to their advantage. But […]

The Top five RPA Parameters for Improving Organizational Results

The goal of a digital transformation is to optimize company operations, sales, and service for the organization by leveraging digital technologies to increase capabilities. By automating tedious, time-consuming, and repetitive activities, robotic process automation (RPA) can serve as a catalyst for a successful digital transformation. RPA services and solutions are expected to cost $3.5 billion […]

Why is Cognitive Data Management crucial for your Enterprise?

In this competitive era, the businesses that reply with answers in the least time emerge as winners. Everyone digs for a solution to cognitive analytics and the purpose of clever technologies. The fact that artificial intelligence or AI was still in its early stages and that there was not much to be understood by all […]

AIOps – Transforming Business Operations

As organizations look to pace up their digital changeover efforts, automating time-taking and manual tasks is vital for IT teams globally. Therefore, many organizations are considering the benefits of AIOps. Artificial intelligence for IT operations or commonly known as (AIOps) uses machine learning and AI to assist teams in managing IT environments’ growing size and […]

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