Staff Augmentation

Most CIOs we speak to, admit that their first and constant imperative need is a “skilled workforce” to take on WebFOCUS and iWay projects. The lack of available resources and the expense of long-term commitment in the hiring process are the most common issues we hear.

Our staff augmentation services can help your data and analytics investment stay agile, sustainable and profitable. We offer complete flexibility – ramp up/down resources, short or long term, on-demand or contractual.

Amtex BI has served more than 200 clients as preferred partners of Information Builders, providing professional services for 2 decades. Our goal is to understand your data analytic objectives and partner with you to provide the flexibility and quality we both expect.

Benefits of our Staff Augmentation Services

Amtex BI Staff augmentation services support you improve skilled technical resources to your in-house development team for long-term benefits. As a Staff Augmentation Company, we are dedicated to providing remote infrastructure assistance for your project with our 24*7 helpdesk availability and maintenance support.

  • No Infrastructure Investment
  • No geographical barriers
  • Ease Time Spent on Recruitment
  • Reduces the additional in-house employee’s costs
Why our Staff Augmentation Team Is Right fit for you:

20+ years of experience, Amtex BI has already helped 200+ clients augment their local teams. Our Staff Augmentation Services have become a buzzword in the market, attracting more global businesses to opt for our services remotely.

  • If you are looking for a team of programmers or you need to add new experts to your team. Amtex BI provides the stack of skilled professionals that you intend to hire is rare in your location.
  • You already have your team working on your product in the local office. Amtex BI provides full and extended remote assistance to your team, skilled to eliminate the risks and delays.
  • You can communicate with our team directly daily and second to fit your business goal. Amtex BI is focused and motivated to follow a common goal with you and the in-house team to thrive upshots.

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