While testing manually, even the most efficient tester will have inaccuracy in results. AATP performs monotonous tests accurately every time they are executed and records detailed results.

maintain tests quality

Once generated, automated tests can be run over and over again at no additional cost and they are quicker than manual tests. With AATP test cases can be executed in seconds and not days or hours.


Manual tests are time consuming and highly prone to human errors. With AATP test cases are completed efficiently saving ample time and cost in the process, which in turn increase ROI in the long run.

Adherence to Deadlines

With AATP, there is a Zero risk of missing out the deadlines. The results are delivered fast and are of high quality that enables you to clear the IT backlog and increase productivity with the same set of staff.


We make sure that you get fast results. AATP uses automation tools to execute test cases which make it significantly faster, highly reliable and test results are readily available for all stakeholders to view. Also, when you are testing your cases using AATP there are zero chances of inaccuracy.

We deliver what we promise

AATP is synonymous to efficiency and high speed,
which makes it a promising product for the companies.

Increase Application Quality 95%
Increase Testing Accuracy 98%
Decrease Time-to-market 5%

See AATP in action today

See AATP in action today


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