Managed Services

Let Amtex BI hold the fort and steer you clear of any
hiccups in your organization’s IT environment. Stay focused
on your nucleus tasks and let us manage your BI
nfrastructure end-to-end!

Are your current managed services
keeping up with your changing
business dynamics?

Globalization and changing business landscapes make business process transformations no longer optional. In order to compete and survive in this volatile business environment, companies must retain their competitive edge, and the companies that fail to prepare may find themselves at a disadvantage compared to leaders in their respective verticals. Organizations that seek business transformation need a focused approach towards their strategic initiatives with minimal impact to their “well-oiled machines”.

Keeping the organization’s IT infrastructure up and running requires monitoring and support by professionals that are familiar with the infrastructure. But, with Amtex BI’s managed services, organizations can now steer clear of the usual hiccups in the IT environment that impede their growth.

Amtex BI’s managed services has an added advantage over your traditional in-house teams, as we save your redundant cost and keep you at bay from unnecessary, time-consuming IT tasks like patching, monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure. Let us worry about these issues and give you a seamless IT environment to work on your core operations. We retain the responsibility for the functionality, post implementation hiccups and other administration support needed to make consumption of your infrastructure easy.

Our team minimizes the challenges in scaling and managing the IT applications with speed, agility and simplicity. We bring you the end to end infrastructure management for your organization. With more than 18 years of experience and expertise in the BI domain, there isn’t any complicated issue that we haven’t encountered. Our team of dynamic and skilled IT professionals are very responsive to the customer environment changes; they can predict the problems in advance and address it in no time. Established escalation protocols are also configured ensure that business continuity is also not negatively impacted.

Enterprise Service Offerings

Automation of administrative functions

– Maintenance of day-day functioning of the customer’s WebFocus product

– Proactive system supervision

– Preparation of WebFocus environment for external changes to ensure seamless integration

– Cloud hosting

– Preventive maintenance

Performance Monitoring

– Periodic performance monitoring/reporting & alert generation

– Optimization of server/client performance

– Early Issue detection by monitoring resource usage

– Establish escalation protocols to create paths for business continuity

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