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For nearly 2 decades, Amtex BI has been helping clients implement analytics solutions & enabling them to become data-driven organizations. Our deep knowledge of the BI lexicon along with our management consulting approach to problem-solving, ensures that our clients achieve measurable business results in the most efficient manner. At any stage in your BI journey, Amtex ensures you get the juice out of your BI investment.
BI Consulting

Enabling increased BI adoption in the very veins of your enterprise, Amtex BI works with you to chart out strategic roadmaps that carefully reverberate around understanding business goals, aligning BI to them, designing a winning strategy and implementing it down to the granular levels. We specialize in handling BI curveballs such as integration, optimization, and user-adoption.


Transitioning your BI to the cloud is easier with Amtex BI. Our AWS Redshift certified team of experts are here to help make your shift smooth and error-free. With strong business processes coupled with proven best practices, rest assured that your Cloud initiative is in the best hands. Amtex BI brings to you pragmatic cloud solutions when it comes to enabling highly available, real-time analytics.


Let Amtex BI hold fort and help you steer clear of hiccups when it comes to managing your BI infrastructure. With onsite and remote engagement options, Amtex BI helps you stay focussed on your business while we ensure that your infrastructure is ready and robust for the next big move in your BI journey. With proactive support and an early warning/recommendation system, Amtex BI helps you soar the skies of competition with ease.

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BI Solutions for every need
Agile BI

Our diverse BI solutions are designed to fit all your business needs. Simple, agile and innovation.

your game

Wave of transformation is traversing through the BI industry. Be ready for upscale.

Partner in

We let you focus on your business by taking care of the peripheral issues. Keep innovating.

Voice Driven

The world is moving, let the BI move with you. Talk to your BI, anytime, anywhere.


The VIEW is a unique 4-week power packed workshop by Amtex BI which enables your analysts to exploit the business Intelligence setup to the maximum extent. From tiny hacks to comprehensive overhauls, the workshop aims to dynamically equip organizations with the ability of identifying the true goal of their BI investment, and effectively chart a strategic roadmap to help achieve those goals. The primary focus of the workshop is to help companies achieve a bird’s eye perspective of their usage percentile and ROI of analytical apps. By playing a crucial role in determining the current value of analytical Apps and footprint, the workshop will help companies reassess and realign their business objectives and move forward on a war footing.


Love the cool new features of WebFOCUS? Looking to leverage new upgrades asap? With a reporting foundation based on clean metadata, you can!

WebFOCUS is a large locomotive that can travel long distances carrying heavy loads – for it to do that efficiently, we need tracks laid out; think of Metadata as these tracks. In the age of AI, automation and people analytics, metadata sits at the root of your data value chain. Sprucing up your metadata is a core movement towards improved performance, slice and dice analytics, standardization, transparency, and time-to-market, while effectively reducing costs.

Our Products


Do you have to open your BI portals or reports to access business insights? With Malia, all you have to do is just ‘ask’! No reports, no portals. Get insights on-the-go!


How much time would it take, for you to test your reports based on let’s say 52+ test cases? Weeks? A day? 5 hours? With PANTHER this can be done in Seconds, not days, not hours!

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