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Never judge the data by its appearance, there is more to that!
Amtex BI has built the expertise in the ability to see data and transform it
into actionable and insightful intelligence

Companies have huge amount of data, but what they lack is the relevant insights at the right time.

In order to support decision making and to drive performance, right insight is vital. From data to insights, this transition is facilitated by Amtex BI consulting services. Based on your business model, our team will analyze your data status and define the right and cost-effective BI solution for you.

Why Us?

Because while you need impeccable services, the need for an effective analytics platform is always there, our partnership with IBI has enabled us to sell and implement the widely accepted Web FOCUS. It provides organizations with everything they need to turn data into actionable insights for real business outcomes.

Our consulting solutions are not limited to Web FOCUS tool, we are open to consult and provide our services to any BI platform you use.

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Embedded Analytics

Clients matter to us the most! Which is why, even if you don’t want to alternate between platforms and to become accustomed to a whole new user interface and framework, we can offer our Embedded BI services

If you already have an application that manages data, it is much easier for you to opt for ‘Embedded BI’ that handles the data within the same application rather than buying a separate BI tool.

Something more to offer

Enhance your team’s effectiveness and boost productivity with instructor-led training delivered privately to your organization, live! We give you the flexibility to opt from single module to entire curriculum. We will guide the BI platform users with the full process of creating visual and analytical content, from setting up a new environment, creating users, groups, preparing metadata and creating reports, charts, visualization to developing personal portal pages. Our instructors and management expertise deliver quality training that meets your budget, program schedules and business goals.

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