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Did you know that 52% CEOs are “dissatisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with their BI setup? If you have invested in Information Builders WebFOCUS, and you still count yourselves in that 52%, you’ve got to let us help you! WebFOCUS is powerful! No kidding. Self-service BI is already easy as pie if you’ve got WebFOCUS in your toolkit. We’re about to show you 8 ways that WebFOCUS can fuel and propel your Self-Service BI initiative.

Are you ready to discover all that you’ve been missing? Here are 8 ways WebFOCUS floors its competitors when it comes to Self-Service BI – and if you’ve not been monetizing on these fabulous features, ante up!

8 PRO TIPS for you to fully exploit the prowess of WebFOCUS.

The first super unique feature is going to awe you if you’re not a WebFOCUS user. If you’re using ANY other tool, you would’ve come across Attributes/Details/Measures that can be pulled into your playground – to help you create ad-hoc reports. But here’s what WebFOCUS brings to the plate – you can now have details, measures, filters and entire visualizations at your disposal as reusable components!

WebFOCUS - Reusable components for Self-service BI

The next time you recreate that scatter chart or box plot in yet another ad-hoc report, think how easy WebFOCUS makes it! Reusability redefined – create it once and use it across reports. If you’re already using WebFOCUS, let us know in the comments below, your thoughts on this great functionality!

You may wonder why that makes self-service any better. Allow us to enlighten you. With this strategic partnership in place, WebFOCUS – one of the most powerful tools in the BI space, is available as an app in the AWS Marketplace. Setting up is just a matter of a few clicks! Deploying BI to the cloud is the biggest step towards accessibility & self-service.

Information Builders Partner with Amazon and WebFOCUS is now availeble as an App on the AWS Marketplace

Why is this different from other BI tools available online or over-the-cloud? The biggest differentiator is that unlike other cloud-based BI tools, you’re completely in control of your data. Your data resides in any database you choose to deploy in the cloud – S3, Aurora, Redshift or anything else. Unlike other cloud-based BI vendors, AWS allows you the freedom to choose how your data is stored! And do we need to mention the flexible pricing of AWS? It beats the likes of Big Query and Snowflake in terms of pricing and value (if you’re working with a steady query load).

Have you ever looked at SharePoint Sites longingly and wondered if you could get that level of collaboration and the flexibility of creating different BI Portals for every team? With Page designer you can create curated portals for different teams to view – just like intra-team sites! And not just that, WebFOCUS brings to you enhanced collaboration tools which span all the way to panel level comments!

Faster decision making & greater collaboration within teams!

Trust us, WebFOCUS is among the very few tools in the BI space offering this functionality without the need for duct-taping multiple products/solutions! All this without the need for any tech knowledge.

Even Power BI depends on the SharePoint suite for such collaboration, and you need the IT team to facilitate that handshake.

Have you tried the new Page Designer and BI Portal? Did you know you could access Portal Content via mobile devices?

Now what is the success of self-service BI if you’re unable to distribute effectively?  With Report Caster, you can now create and access schedules, distribution lists and log reports. The Report Caster tool supports multiple administrators and provides a single point of control for managing information distribution within an organization.

Have you tried it?

Easy distribution, greater control and greater flexibility in a web-based tool with a friendly GUI – I think that sums up to “the answer to our prayers”. What do you think of Report Caster? Have you used distribution services on other BI tools? How do you think they compare?

Making data discovery a non-tech thing is what the “Magnify Search” is all about. As per a Forrester survey driven by SAP – 52% respondents report difficulty in finding information! We got two words for them – try Magnify.

Magnify adheres to all security constraints on your data!

Magnify helps you easily index and search for any structured or unstructured data, regardless of its source or location. Magnify search is a Google-like interface that allows users to get instant access to detailed records, unstructured documents, summaries and more. It is a powerful data discovery tool for non-tech users.

Did you know you could pull out Sales Data and drag-n-drop a Forecast on it? Yes, predictive analytics got THAT easy! Watch this video to see how self-service BI can incorporate predictive analytics. Have you exploited WebFOCUS to this extent? Can you apply predictive analytics without having to go through a crash-course in Data Science and Statistics? With WebFOCUS, you can – call Amtex BI.

Are your Board Meetings more like Bored Meetings? That’s the question Information Builders is asking you.

In most cases, too many pages of charts and tables can translate into just one thing – information overload. Infographics help convey the core information crisp and clear, making it easier for the viewers to consume. Infographics are a proven method of communicating information – they’re several steps ahead of Dashboards. All your effort boils down to how easy it was for your viewers to grasp the information you’ve presented – and that’s where you need data storytelling.

WebFOCUS integrates with Easel.ly templates and allows you to present your reports as smart and modern infographics that eliminate the complexity from presenting analytics.

I’m pretty sure none of you saw that coming! How about you ask your smartphone or digital assistant – how much your Q3 revenue was? At Amtex BI, we focus on the future of BI. We cringe at the thought of having to pull out a dashboard for quick business questions like that one!

And that’s why we bring to you – Malia. An AI chatbot that can integrate with your desktop, smartphone or any other digital assistant you own! What’s more – all you got to do is ask her. She comprehends natural language and queries your WebFOCUS setup (or any BI tool) to respond in natural language. Curious? Click here for a demo! Full-length post coming soon!

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