Is your business intelligence solution still on-premises?


Evaluating whether to move your BI setup to the cloud is a tough call for most businesses. While some applications and low data volumes prove to be efficient on-premise, BI and especially Big Data initiatives are best entrusted to the cloud for the sheer advantage of agility and scalability. Sticking to on-premise setup invites a lot of challenges like high operational costs, inability to scale up to meet high demands, infrastructural requirements etc. Hence, if your Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data arrangements are still on-premises, you should examine the rewards of migrating to the cloud.

Reason to move from on-premise to cloud:

The cloud is a fast-developing and strong solution for Business Intelligence and Big Data which offers several advantages as follows:

Parameters Cloud BI On-Premises
Cost Low High
Implementation Speed Fast Significantly slow
Scalability Can be scaled up and down as per the requirement Not scalable
Accessibility High Low



Moving to the cloud becomes cost-effective as you pay just for the assets that you require. Thus, it becomes easy to scale up and reduce expenses by utilizing the assets ideally.

The on-premise environment requires space, equipment acquisition, operating systems, physical security and deployment cost. Cloud valuing is entirely different; you can pay based on the performance level. To conclude, migrating from on-premise information distribution center to the cloud is cost effective, quick and scalable.


Many organizations store information in data centers which are located at different places and accessing information is not easy in such arrangements. Cloud makes it possible for organizations to access useful data anytime, anywhere and on any device. Due to this, organizations can lessen latency and take quick decisions.


Organizations require a platform that can scale up easily when there is a need. As the organization expands, cloud can include more storage and features to meet the increasing demands. Companies don’t have to scale up for all time either. At the point when extra assets are required, companies can scale up for a day, after that it can scale down. The advantage of this adaptability is that companies just need to pay for what they require, instead of putting resources into costly programming and hardware.



The cloud enables us to decrease the duration associated with application deployment and application procurement. Other than this, cloud environment encourages the moderate sized organization to set-up their information effectively without the need for substantial investments and concentrated range of abilities. Cloud infrastructure is flexible it increases the performance and it can be set up in matter of days.



Companies are always concerned about the security irrespective of whether their data is on-premises or on the cloud. Both the approaches have their own cons, however the cloud has withstood all the security issues and made itself to be the most secured approach for an organization in a standard scenario. Moving the business to the cloud makes most organizations concerned because data and information are the key assets of the organization. Cloud BI stores organization information securely and managed servers that monitors the information and checks for threats all the time.


How do we help you?

If you are planning to move your data from on-premise to cloud we are here to make this transition quick, secure, smooth for your business. We offer solutions using strategic assessments and aim to give your business, the much-needed boost at the best cost possible.

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