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Your decisions are as good as your data. Hence, the decisions you make for your business must be backed by trusted & real-time data. Most clients we’ve worked with, admit to a quantum gap in user adoption and utilization of data for informed decision making.

For the past 2 decades, Amtex BI has helped clients leverage data more strategically for results that drive business forward. What can your data do for you? WebFOCUS can deliver analytics that can solve real business problems and deliver outstanding business outcomes. Have you explored WebFOCUS to its full potential?

WebFOCUS Capabilities

WebFOCUS capabilities support business along every step of the data analytics journey from data preparation to content creation, from data assembly to deployment. Amtex BI is focused to help businesses in utilizing data more strategically across the enterprise. More importantly, our focus is to provide organizations with possibilities they need to use every type of data into actionable insights for improved business results.

Embedded Analytics

Amtex BI platform delivers powerful embedded analytics functionality to help businesses work smarter by incorporating relevant data and analytics. We help in extracting insight from data within the silo of analysis leveraging a single integrated solution for BI. Supporting management-level decisions this support to aggregate different views of information across a department to the entire organization.

Predictive Analytics

Instead of relying on instinctive instinct alone, a business can validate future predictions using Predictive Analytics. Amtex BI with predictive analytics minimizes the risk by anticipating emerging trends while offering strong decisions to achieve desired outcomes. The goal is to gain actionable insights into your existing data and solve high-value business problems more efficiently.

Big Data Analytics

Amtex BI takes Business Intelligence a step further with Big Data Analytics to help businesses with future decision making. With the ever-growing data having our team’s support to enable appropriate self-service access to datasets for more innovative data operations. To determine a cutting-edge analytics operation our team offers technological infrastructure, computing resources, and highly skilled personnel.


ML & AI is used to improve data access, uncover hidden data insights, suggest analyses, deliver predictions and suggest actions. Ensuring a reliable approach to secure, govern, and orchestrate data Amtex BI utilize AI/ML for multiple tasks in the same environment. As a team we empower data scientists and data analysts across on-premises, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments. Our AI-driven experiences support you in increasing operational efficiency today and into the future.

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